Michael Berry: Black Black Black Black

As I was driving from work to Target, listening to Michael Berry, I was trying to think of a title for the post I would write later.  The one above was one of the possibilities.  Why did I choose that one?  Because after I thought of it, here comes Berry bitching about people he calls “Professional Black People”:  not professional people who are black, but Professional Black People.  Then he said, “Black black black black.”

Talk about being obsessed.

As I was driving home from Target, Berry took a couple of calls.  He still didn’t have his facts straight about the Gates case and when one caller pointed out a discrepancy between the police officer’s report and the 911 call, Berry just said, “well, you’re welcome to your opinion.”

Berry had been berating President Obama for trying to work things out like an adult (i.e. inviting both parties to the White House) when another caller, who had also pointed out discrepancies,  stated that he didn’t agree with Berry very often, but he did with regard to being cautious when encountering police officers.  Berry, unable to control himself, said, “I want you to come to the station tomorrow for a beer.”

Click.  The caller had hung up.

I seriously believe that Berry didn’t understand why that happened and that his feelings were hurt.

You know, Berry doesn’t have a problem with black people in general.  He’s just got a problem with certain black people.  And here’s a hint to defining that group:  they do not belong to those who know their place, who know when to keep their mouths shut.  His listeners know this.  So, why doesn’t he understand that they do?


3 responses to “Michael Berry: Black Black Black Black

  1. The funny thing is that types like Michael Berry (Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly) is that they have painted themselves into a teeny tiny little victims’ circle and are now card-carrying examples of Professional Whiny-Ass White Men.

  2. True dat.

    Berry loves that people “hate” him. Funny thing is, I don’t. He’s a free-for-all baiter, that’s for sure. He will try to get a rise out of anyone he can.

    I just remember that time he got drunk and lost his SUV and called HPD. Now that was embarrassing and should have made him think twice, but no, not Michael Berry. It’s full speed ahead.

  3. And by god, I have to get on his show and call him that.

    Maybe during my staycation . . . .

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