How Could I Be So Lucky?

After the new portable A/C unit tripped the breaker twice, I was worried.  My house is old and sometimes old wiring can’t handle new machines.  I thought I would have to get an electrician out and it would cost me a bundle.

Well, I looked this whole tripping a breaker up on the internets, and the first step when that happens is to figure out what’s on the breaker.  Having done that this evening, with R’s help,  I found out that a window unit, the porch light, the ceiling light in the kitchen, another just outside the kitchen, the freezer,  and all of the plugs and lights in my bedroom and bathroom were working off one 20 Amp breaker that I had the new portable plugged into.

So, the lucky part?  There is one outlet under the window that I connected the exhaust tubes from the portable to — and it is a 20 Amp and nothing else in the house is connected to that outlet!  Old-timey crazy wiring works out for the good, for once.


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