Houston Talk Show Host Michael Berry Can’t Handle the Truth

This afternoon, Micheal Berry was substituting for the dreadful Chris Baker on local radio station KPRC.  In between hating on the local wingnut’s favorite politician, Sheila Jackson Lee, he decided to wade into the whole Skip Gates matter that came up at the end of the President’s news conference last night.

After shouting down two callers who attempted to explain that Gates still had his constitutional rights, conflating a police stop in a car with police entering a residence, and finally going on a rant about there being a broken window in Gates’ house, I decided to call in.

I think I spoke with a guy named Jason and told him the Berry had his facts wrong — there was no broken window — Jason expressed surprise.  He said that Berry in normally very thorough, and then asked where I knew that from.  I said the police report on The Smoking Gun.  He put me on hold.  This was just after 4:00.

While on hold, I washed dishes with the phone pinched between my shoulder and ear.  Big mistake.  Berry is a “screamer” and he blasted my ear several times.  After about 20 minutes Jason came back on the line to ask if I was still there.  He put me back on hold.  Berry yammered for 50 minutes and then I got cut off just as he took a call.  I called back, and Jason stated that they weren’t going to take my call.

This is not an issolated incident.  What gets me, especially about Berry is that he thinks he is getting away with something.  I’ve got to believe that there was more than just me who heard what he said and knew he was making shit up.  As one of the callers today told him:  he just enjoys stirring the pot and getting white people worked up.  I’m glad he’s not in a position of power anymore in our city (he’s a former city councilman).

30 responses to “Houston Talk Show Host Michael Berry Can’t Handle the Truth

  1. Charles Martel

    “Those resources are resources that I have.” Good explanation, Sheila! Seriously, my congressunit deserves at least twice as much as what gets dumped on her: I have never spoken to her or her staff when they have not outright lied to me.

    Meanwhile, it was not a window, but the front door that was damaged. Police were correct to respond since that damage had arisen from a prior attempted burglary.

    Gates was needlessly belligerent, and Crowley’s account is confirmed by other witnesses. Once outside, Gates’s continued deranged behavior earned him a ride downtown with a disorderly conduct charge, which, no doubt for political reasons, was afterward dropped.

    By asserting that Cambridge police had “acted stupidly”, Obama acted stupidly. He does not owe us an explanation, which he laughably struggled with earlier today: he owes the police a public apology.

  2. Thanks for commenting Charles, I was just about to call out Kevin’s readers for being too shy to stand up for their boy.

    Thanks for the link Kevin.

    Now back to you Charles.

    Jackson Lee is my rep. I don’t know why she should have to answer to you if she is not your rep. You can stomp and scream all you want about her. She’s not your rep, right?

    You guys just make me laugh. If you were serious, you would run someone against her.

    Yes, please try to cover for Berry saying there was a broken window. That’s what he said again and again to shout down a black man that called in. Berry was off on his facts that simple.

    Crowley’s account is not confirmed by witnesses yet. It is simply his report, which is smattered with key words to justify his actions.

    I am proud to say that I voted for President Obama. He has handled this press/wingnut blowup perfectly.

    Your fury runs into a pillow. Who looks stupid?

    • No reason I should have come back to this after so long, except that it came up when I googled the word “congressunit” and I recognized it as one of mine. In fact, the infinitely stupid Sheila Jackson-Lee IS my rep. You might have gotten a hint in that direction, Michelle, when I used the word “MY” in reference to her.

      We nearly always do run someone against her. Due to gerrymandering, though, the high water mark was reached this last November — the farthest election from the last redistricting, and thus the one which included the most Republican infiltration — and he polled a whopping 27% (the Libertarian got another 3%). Two Democrats had challenged her in last March’s primary, but neither got even close.

      Jackson-Lee is an nationally acknowledged embarrassment. The seat is permanently Democrat, so I plead with you Lefties: for the love of God or Gaia or Satan or the Prophet Obama — whomever or whatever you pray to — please replace her in the primary. Maybe President Pookie could appoint her the US ambassador to South Vietnam.

      Oh, and before I go, to answer your final question: you do.

  3. I don’t think anybody is arguing that the police shouldn’t have responded to the call. Their job (or one of them) is to respond when citizens call about such things. The neighbor may have been at fault for not recognizing her/his own neighbor (of presumably a fair number of years) and once they were certain that Prof. Gates was not a burglar or any other kind of criminal (which was very early into their investigation of the call) than it was their job to back the hell off the man’s private property once he asked them to and since he clearly posed no threat to anyone. The President’s remarks at the press conference were from the heart and I hope any of my friends would respond in the same spirit; his later clarifying remarks were made not as a retraction or apology but because he is a decent man and prefers to resolve conflicts and clear up misunderstandings through dialogue and listening rather than to let them fester. The police are not always in the wrong but neither are they always right in their handling of situations. The incident in Cambridge blew up out of proportion because of the police. Pick your battles.

  4. P.S. for Charles: I was curious about your name. Historically-speaking it’s quite loaded, especially in the present state of Islamic relations with the West, as you are of course well aware. Fairly subtle, which I found interesting.

  5. Michael Berry spends 100% percent of his airtime talking about race. He’s not looking for a solution he’s looking for any opportunity to blame black people for racism (by lumping all blacks together with Al Sharpton) I really feel sorry for his son.

    • I feel sorry for his son, too. But Berry went out and adopted the boy he did, with a purpose. That’s what is so sad about it. While Berry personally will never use his kid as a shield, you know his supporters will.

      He’s backed off the race thing these last few days, but he’s just waiting to dig right back into it.

  6. Michael Berry is married to a woman from India so there goes your “rascist” perspective. Keep in mind that if the very first thing that you think of when you hear something is “rascism” then you probably are a rascist. Just trying going through the day without blaming something on people that are not your race. There is discrimination all the time. Although I am White, I have and do experience discrimnation throughout my life: I grew up poor and on the wrong side of town and my daddy didn’t work at the “right” place; I am a girl, a woman who has been told that women have a hard time knowing what to wear in the workplace like men, that I should cut my hair and learn to laugh at dirty jokes. I have been told by a boss that “you get more bang for your buck to have a woman employee. I have been asked why I would choose working rather than staying home and taking care of babies. When I was younger and prettier and skinnier, I was assumed stupid because I was blonde and considered stupider because I had a Southern drawl. Now that I am considered fat, I hear people’s ugly remarks and have had met people that couldn’t look at me and didn’t want to do business with me because I am a middle-aged fat woman. That brings me to my age, now I am discriminated against by young people that just blow me and all older people off by their disrespectful attitude. Point is: everyone is discriminated against for a lot of reasons. Don’t always being naeve and prejudice enough to think that it is because of your color. Most White people don’t think color first, most Mexicans don’t think “color” first, most Asians, Indians, etc. don’t think color first. It is America’s Blacks that still see everything through “Black” colored glasses first. God created all of us because he liked variety. By the way: Now more than ever I am discriminated against about my religion: Christian. It was freedom of religion not freedom from religion i.e. that we would not have one religion as the English and French did but that all would be free to worship as they chose.

    • Francis, thanks for commenting. I am aware of who Berry is married to — she almost ran for his seat when he was term limited. Berry has actually said on his radio show that he doesn’t have a problem with Africans, but he does have problems with African Americans. He makes that distinction. Trust me, I have followed Michael Berry’s career for years. Go ahead and call him up on his next show and ask him if he said what I pointed out just above.

      And no, it’s not the first thing I think of, nor does identifying someone who admits his own racism make me anything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve managed to live my entire life without being called a racist — with the noted exception of people like you. I know that doing so makes you feel better about yourself, but that’s your problem, not mine.

      I can empathize with your experience to a certain extent. I’ve had troubles in the workplace as well and of course people judge others all the time. I found the solution to that a long time ago — you call people out when they are not treating people with respect. I’ve done it all my life. It’s only discrimination if you are singled out for differential treatment in public life. People who insult you about your personal appearance or religious beliefs are just rude people. If you can’t get a job, or buy a house, get served at a restaurant, get on an airplane, or get admitted to a school on the basis of who you are, then that is discrimination. If you have had these types of troubles, you have recourse if you choose to act upon it. Otherwise, my advice is just to ignore rude people, or point out how rude they are and embarrass them.

      I get the feeling that you think I’m black. I’m not. And your attitude towards blacks is showing — if you didn’t notice.

      Again, thanks for stopping by and let me know what Berry says when you call him. And would you also ask why he screams so much?

  7. Berry is a white Al Sharpton. He is constantly talking race and how everyone else is racist but whte people. When a black person calls he starts talking like he thinks all black people talk. Now he is attacking hispanics. He is nothign but a racist redneck, one wonders about the people that voted him to the city council. Just becasue he married and indian woman doesnt mean he is racist. Talk to an indian, they are racist against blacks too.

    • I’ll share this with you — I think Berry adopted a kid from Ethiopia particularly because he is from a place north of the Sahara and because it will potentially shield him from charges of racism. Completely the wrong reasons for adopting a child — and that doesn’t even address the problems with perfectly adoptable American kids needing homes . . .

      Michael Berry is a light weight. Even when he has a liberal on, like he did earlier this week, he tries so hard to provoke them, but just one person points out that he is a fuck up and he starts crying and asking for the liberal’s sympathy.

      He’s just pathetic.

      • “Ethiopia… north of the Sahara….” As a geography teacher, I just have to say, thanks for sharing your talent, M.

        Quite a lot has changed since this conversation was initiated, and through it all Berry has gotten even bigger. That must really steam you. And nothing is quite as funny as the Leftist callers themselves. Berry will just let them go on and on, to everyone’s amusement (well, maybe not yours), and then post the audio to his blog {you call that a blog?} afterward. Ratings gold.

        • KTRH-AM Nov. 2010 AQH% 4.0 Cume 603,900 Dec. 2010 AQH% 3.5 Cume 597,700 Holiday 2010 AQH% 2.9 Cume 531,500 Talk Clear Channel

          KPRC-AM Nov. 2010 AQH% 0.7 Cume 217,600 Dec. 2010 AQH% 0.7 Cume 205,000 Holiday 2010 AQH% 0.6 Cume 198,700 Talk Clear Channel

          Source See also here — KTRH is down.

          I’m not a math teacher, but . . . .

          The last person to believe about ratings is someone bragging about his own, especially if he is a proven liar.

          Oh, and did you miss this whopper of a lie out of Michael Berry? And you know, Clayton was never a Marine. He just works for Berry.

  8. Berry is a coward and a race baiter. He us his worg to convene threats in a indirect way against President Obama

  9. I love Michael Berry!!!

  10. The negroes don’t like to hear about their dysfunctional life style. Low IQ’s, violent, immoral, and on and on.

    • Yes, forrest, they are the only group with problems. Are you talking about the dysfunctional life style the Newt Gingrich, or David Vitter, or John Ensign lead? Or were you thinking of people with low IQs like Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain or Allen West? Perhaps you mean violent like this guy, or this woman, or this woman or these guys. And immoral? You mean like all of those Catholic priests?

      That’s what you meant, right, forrest?

  11. Hi,

    This guy is pathetic. He’s a Golden-Triangle redneck whose family and friends from that area, I would be willing to bet, still see life through a early 1960’s prism. The good ole’ days when minorites still kept their mouths shout, and when you could throw around “nigger” in public without a second thought. Sound about right, Mike? You know it is. You try to stifle it in your diatribes and dress it up in the constitution and flag , but it’s there for those that have keen eyes and ears to see and hear. You’re doing a disservice to constitutional movement in this country. I hope you fade away. I’m sure you can get on in Orange, Port Arthur or Beaumont pretty easily though. They’ll welcome you back into that backward bubble from whence you came with open arms.


  12. Spencer L. Miller

    Micheal Berry has always been a big fake, he loves to talk about race (especially the black race) and how intolerant he is of people of ebony hue. I used to be regular blogger on his website, however, my comments did not sit well with him and as result I was banned from posting on it. You are right, he really can’t handle anything contrary to his warped beliefs.

    • It’s not simply that he can’t handle anything like that, it’s that he goes out of his way to lie. His mocking of how he thinks some blacks talk and then his backtracking when his is called on it is insulting — and that’s how he intends it. Michael Berry has delusions of grandeur and now hopes that he can get his listeners to to his work for him.

  13. I’m a big soccer fan and hispanic, 5th generation american from Sout Texas.
    Today listening to a soccer show on ESPN in spanish they mentioned Berry and how he had stated in his show that the people at Reliant Stadium watching the Gold Cup semifinal (USA vs Panama and Mexico vs Honduras)were all a bunch of thieves and illegals. He even said he called ICE to go out to the stadium. He also said that people should go out there and target practice. How in the world does this asshole get away from inciting so much hate? I hope those people in ESPN Deportes start a campaign and run his ass off the air.

    • That’s good to know — that they are paying attention. Berry claims to speak Spanish, but I really doubt he knows more the “tacos” or “burritos” so he won’t know about this unless someone tells him — which I will do!

      I think he has been getting away with it because he claims that he is just repeating what someone else told him. But that’s pretty weak.

      I also think he’s probably not much longer on the air. The people he works with hate him. Most of his callers are either negative or set-ups — the ones who say he is their hero — please, how fake can you get?

      Keep me posted if you hear anything else about this.

  14. Well, well, well, Michael Berry is still on the air as of March 7, 2012. So much for your theory Michelle!

    • Sure, Belinda. If you feel comfortable supporting a man who smeared a MOH recipient and his side kick liar who wan’t even admit that he has michaelberry.com as his home page, then that is your problem, not mine.

      Berry is has been left to giving second rate national political analysis since his criminal act at the gay club. Did you know that this isn’t the first time that he has lied to the police and not the first time he has lied about people he supposedly cares about? Look up the Houston Press article about his shenanigans when he was running for mayor. He didn’t have much of a problem lying about his wife or who he was renting to.

      When you have a few answers to those points, stop back by. Otherwise, enjoy your bubble!

    • Also, your boss called and said that you had better quit surfing the net and commenting on company time.

      You have been warned.

  15. You’re an idiot.you are the one who cannot handle the truth. Michael, like so many of us, is sick and tired of being cornered by the ridiculous PC that we have been subjected to since Clinton. Grow up.

  16. Robert Stephens

    Michael, I completely agreed with you on the radio show a little more then a month ago on ADHD and the last of discipline in the home and school. I enjoyed it so much that I recorded it and can use if need be. I just wish MORE conservative radio would talk about this matter and how this issue is destroying our country, schools and homes with discipline NOT being in the equation. I wish I had the show in a clearer format because I found you on a Baton Rouge station on AM traveling to Alabama, a lot of static but for the most part it is understandable. Keep marching my conservative brother with the truth. Regards, Robert Stephens

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