No Reason to Wish

This morning there was video of a U.S. soldier who was captured by the Taliban.

My first thought wasn’t that he had deserted — that seems absurd — nor that he was stupid.

My first thought was that he is scared — given what the Bush administration has unleashed.  He’s a hostage.  I am certain that my government will do everything possible to get him back alive and safe.

My second thought was of all those videos I watched of Margaret Hassan and the warmongering that coincided with it that almost sent me over the edge, almost lost me my job.

Remember when Jack Murtha said that we were putting our people in Iraq under so much pressure that they killed people?  Remember when people who volunteered, like Murtha and John Kerry were mocked?

This is just wrong.


One response to “No Reason to Wish

  1. I watched the FoxNews thing and was really shocked … who the hell are these people? I just hope none of the soldier’s relatives were watching … absolutely shameful …

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