I’m not sure which mailing list I’m on to have gotten this . . .

and after initially doubting it’s validity, I found it is legit.


At first, I couldn’t figure out what was on the flag, but then I realized it was a blow dryer and a flattening iron.  The company is Farouk Systems Group, and they are closing their factories in South Korea and China and moving back to Houston, where the company is headquartered.  It’s a ribbon cutting ceremony, but it also looks like a job fair.  The company expects to hire over 1200 people.  It’s good news.  Also, from the ABC article:

The expansion is happening because Shami is moving overseas manufacturing back to the United States, a move he says other companies should follow.

“We need to be good Americans,” he said. “We need to be good citizens. We can sacrifice some of our profit and bring jobs.”

According to the invitations the invitees include:


What do you think, should I RSVP?


3 responses to “I’m not sure which mailing list I’m on to have gotten this . . .

  1. I’d RSVP for sure … you can make an appearance in the afternoon & check it out & then do a Wonkette-type post letting us know who you saw etc. … and if you decide to bail, it’s not as though they’ll track you down, right? (fingers crossed) … could be pretty interesting, and the local news ought to cover it, even if only half the dignitaries promised actually show up …

  2. Damned at Random

    I’m with Roberto. By all means take notes discretely and meet anybody you can. It’s your opportunity to do some first hand reporting on an event without an editor – see how your perceptions match what you read in the paper the next day. Think of it as a dry run for the Goodhair-Palin event

    • Sorry to disappoint, but the new A/C has tripped a breaker twice. I plugged into a different socket tonight and have my fingers crossed (so far so good. But I’ve got to figure out which breaker I can put it on safely for sure tomorrow afternoon.

      And anyway, the good hair-Palin thing will be much different — though I seem to bail on things — I won’t on that one.

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