Copy Cats

For about four years now, I have been taking care of feral cats.  Junebug and Braveheart are the mainstays — Oliver, Baby, Macey, and Rowdy have left us over time.  Sad grey and white cat still shows up for dinner or breakfast (he was here for dinner tonight).

My former co-worker used to feed and trap a colony of ferals in Montrose before she moved on to Cali.

And now the Houston Museum of Natural Science is on aboard.



We went on a field trip there on Friday, and my students pointed out the kittens playing in the bushes.  I wasn’t quick enough to get the second one in the pic, but as we walked around to the entrance, I caught this:



I don’t know why that last pic is smaller . . . (crap, I clicked thumbnail, fixed).  I used my zoom and no one bothered the Museum Ferals.

The one cool thing is that the whole place has been renovated.  The Butterfly Center is now interactive — the coolest thing in my opinion is the console that lets you see how different insects see.  We look very weird to butterflies to say the least!

Some pics without students after the fold.

The new stairway:


Lots of new baby butterflies — I only got one shot of them — so many lookers.


Another new feature — HONEY BEES


Not a great pic, I know, but one more healthy colony is great.

Forager bees bringing it back home.


I have a lot of bees that feed on one big bush in my front yard.  They used to frequent the Mexican heather in the ditch until the city mowed it down.  I think I can help it recover and then the bees will be back in force.

While I am extremely allergic to their bites, I have never had a problem with the bees in my yard.  It’s a relationship I appreciate.  They have never even tried to attack me, even when I fuss with their favorite bush.  I hope that I contribute to their survival by having plants they like.


2 responses to “Copy Cats

  1. Cool! I don’t remember the bees at the museum, have they always been there? Or is that one of the new features? I do remember the spiders & the hovering mariposas!
    Oh, & I’m glad sad-gray-&-white boy showed up, I haven’t seen him in a while, myself …

    • The bees are new.

      I went back by there today to buy a butterfly growing thingy for the little one’s birthday on Tuesday. (Yippy! Chucky Cheese!)

      Sad-gray-&-white boy was back for breakfast, too.

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