“I love how this video gives the reader’s digest version of history for blacks.”

Guess who posted a video clip with that title as her only comment?  I’m sure she doesn’t understand how condescending it is.

I had originally planned to write about the “Young” Republicans, but as I was waiting for the page to load, I saw that post by our favorite wingnut and couldn’t let it pass unnoticed.

Anyway, it looks like the “Young” Republicans have elected 38 year old  Audra Shay to lead them.  The article lays out how the woman who won has been sloppy in keeping not only her racist views under wraps, but also has to be a little confused about her party’s position on voting (her side insisted on a voice ballot instead of a secret ballot — the author of the article, John Avlon, points out, “the irony that the “true conservative” slate was pulling a card check and fighting secret ballots, while they vociferously support mandatory secret ballots for unions, seemed lost on them).  Go read the whole thing, as they say (but I would skip the comments!)

Here’s a last quote in the article from one of the participants on the losing side:

Already there are talks of reformers, in protest, breaking off to form a new branch of the Young Republicans dedicated to restoring the GOP’s long-lost reputation as the Party of Lincoln. “I am not disappointed, I am not disgruntled–I am disheartened,” said Lenny McAllister.  “As I look around the convention I see a room full of many honorable Republicans who want to move this party forward. But Audra Shay is not a leader, she is a divider. It’s a terrible message to send at a time when we have an African-American president and growing diversity across our country.”

I look forward to all of the African-American candidates the GOP runs for Congress in 2010.

An afterthought:  Which side will the Palin types go with when the party finally splits?

An Update:  “The Left” tore down the old news billboard (similar ones were up in Denver during the Democratic Convention and have been up in FLA and other places for a while now) that one of Kathleen’s friends put up in a predominantly African-American part of Houston.  (Don’t get me started on the unofficial segregation that my city still suffers from.  I wrote a paper about it back in my college days.)  I’m sure she’s referring to hippies and not BLACKS when she blames “The Left.”

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