Today in Appliances

The new refrigerator came today.  I got it for just over $400.00.  It’s just as tall and deep as the old one, but it’s not nearly as wide.  I hope to get a cart in a few months, so I will finally have some counter space — right now, there’s almost zero.


While it doesn’t have an egg cubby or a butter bin (I never used either very much in the old fridge), it does have this nifty can thingy, which I have filled with refreshing Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale with Antioxidants (not beer).  If I ever find Nestea in a can again, that’s what will go there.


And I didn’t intentionally make that fancy mustard bottle on the bottom rack unidentifiable . . .

Roomy, huh?!  I finally have vegetable bins again.  The old one was only good for holding all the fridge sweat.  One less chore on the list — no more wiping down the inside of the fridge every day.  YaY!


It’s even got its first leftovers inside.  I clearly need more vegetables for the lonely half onion in the right side bin.  But once that little watermelon is cold, it won’t last long.

After lots of research and trying to find a unit with everything I wanted, I finally pulled the trigger on a portable air conditioner today.  It can’t get here soon enough.  Here’s what I got.  I could run the ancient central air 24/7 and it would never get below 80.  Running the window units works in the bedrooms, but the one in the living room just doesn’t have enough BTUs to cool down.  With the new one, I’ll have combined 20,000 BTUs, and that should do it, even when it gets into the 100’s.

At this point, I have replaced every appliance except for the central heat (it was new when we bought the house).  Along with the house leveling and replacing half the windows and the roof, the only big thing left is replacing the windows in the back of the house, and the only little thing is a ceiling fan in one of the bedrooms.

While I haven’t always been able to avoid buying things made in China (the fridge, ceiling fans — and not sure about the portable a/c yet) I have gotten energy efficient and/or green appliances each time.  I figure I’m batting about .600.

And just because it was on the camera, and I love her:


This is one of Caroline’s favorite spots lately.  I don’t know why. . .


3 responses to “Today in Appliances

  1. A beautiful new icebox and a beautiful kitty girl … it was a good day!

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