It’s Friday!

Everyone bailed at work today and I mean everyone, down to the part time work study student, who at 10 til 5 claimed she hadn’t taken her lunch, so she deserved to leave 10 minutes early.  I spent the last hour or so trying to listen to reports that my students had recorded earlier in the week.  Some were very good, others were almost incomprehensible, and one was just a guy speaking Chinese and fumbling his microphone — that earned him a fail.

Since the hurricane took out the intake filter on my A/C unit it was way too hot to try to repair it last weekend, I’ve been shopping for a portable unit.  I think I’ll make a decision tomorrow and go with the lighter unit.  I don’t need it to be 68 or even 78 — I’d be happy to get the living room to 80 if I could.  The 20+ degree difference would make it seem cool by comparison.

The new, much smaller fridge will be delivered tomorrow.  My current fridge sweats on the inside and the top freezer is working overtime, despite being on the lowest setting.  It is doomed to die, and when we saw the perfect replacement last week at Home Depot, I jumped.

I’ve always like Robert Reich.  Today he has a post up that I definitely agree with.  I think changing how we access energy is part of this.  This winter, I plan to look again at a way to get solar panels.  Before the hurricane, I worried that my roof wouldn’t be able to support solar panels.  With the new roof, perhaps renting them is in the mix.  We’ll see.

I’m now a “Master” on Master of Defense.  I started with one peep and then ended with more than one.  I’ve been looking for a new game but no luck so far.  I hate that.

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