A Break


Not a blizzard, but rain came this morning and the house has been cooler than usual this evening.

I remembered today that I never posted the Denver pics from March.

It looks like Peaches got adopted.  I mean, the SPCA wouldn’t post her pic and then killer her, right?


3 responses to “A Break

  1. no! no! no! Peaches is alive & well & frisky & discovering all manner of wonderful fabulous things in her new and forever-ever home …

  2. Damned at Random

    She went in under 2 weeks – that’s great. I expect she rolled and flirted and showed off and just stole somebody’s heart. I was just thinking I should check the site and now it’s too late.

    I’m happy for Peaches.

    • I checked again today, just to make sure, and no Peaches, so she must have gotten adopted over the weekend.

      I know I have trust issues — maybe it’s because for so many years the SPCA was a kill site. I’m so glad it’s not now.

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