There was a puff piece about Newt in the Washington Times (I know) yesterday.  It had all of the usual Newt is brilliant and an idea man stuff in it, but there were a couple of things I thought were funny.

First is that he is on some sort of comeback.  He’s got contracts to be on teevee and gets on the radio all the time.  I wouldn’t call that a comeback, but rather an astroturf.  the last few times I’ve seen him on my teevee, he’s just been spouting gibberish.  And after innitially jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon, he seems to have jumped off, leaving them in the lurch.  Why?  perhaps because it’s silly?  From the Chron’s video, it just looks like the same people who go to conventions with their funny hats.

Second, much of it’s source comes from Vin Weber.  Anyone who has seen Weber on the News Hour must know the man is a true believer but not much else.  Another suckler on the wingnut welfare teat.

While I think all the talk about 2012 is crazy — just as I think that talk of 2010 without numbers is ilinformed, I want Newt to be the guy.

Really, I do.


7 responses to “Newt!

  1. Damned at Random

    At the rate other possible candidates are flaming out, 2012 may be Newt’s year. I always said the winner of the 2008 election would be a one term president because of the things s/he would have to do to in an attempt to unscrew the pooch.

    Now I’m not so sure. Obama has been very moderate in his approach – the whole No Drama Obama style really works for me, at least. But mostly he is lucky because the Repubs are melting down before our eyes – Jindal is awful on TV, whatever his merits may be, Palin has taken the bit in her teeth and is galloping into an abyss, Sanford and Ensign have bigger libido issues than .. well, Newt. Boehner and Cantor are coming across as unlikable whiners with no solutions to offer.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the 2012 Republican primary debates. The mix of unintentional comedy and the terror that comes with the realization that one of these whack jobs could end up president gives me a rush like nothing else.

    • Jindal’s plummet to obscurity was so fast it was amazing. Whoever had that idea should have gotten fired. I remember a week or two ago Lindsey Graham (sp?) was floated as the leader of the party. ZOMG. Roberto thinks Rick Perry must be pissed because his name is never on the lists that the Sunday shows are always putting up.

      I keep thinking that the crop of candidates that turn up in 2012 will be very different that what’s out there now.

  2. Damned at Random

    I thought Goodhair wanted to be president of the Republic of Texas.

    “Very different” is OK with me, as long as some of them are batshit crazy.

  3. I’m looking forward to the Perry/Bailey-Hutchinson fight, purely as a spectator sport. I don’t think Perry could run a clean, mud-less campaign even if he was running against his mother, and K B-H is suddenly all Barbara Stanwycky about how it’s always been her dream to be governor, when in reality it just seems to be phase I of her earlier retirement. I guess she wants to rehab herself out of the limelight in easy stages.
    And I’m really getting fed up with the comparisons to Richard Nixon’s coming back from the dead. Nixon had way more experience in office than a lot of these types (including going toe-to-toe with the Russkies over a dishwasher) and anyway, love him or hate him, ol Tricky Dick was one of a kind and the current crop of Republicans are just hacks or whackos. All we need now is for Elizabeth Dole to toss her bonnet in the ring. Why the hell not?

  4. Damned at Random

    You HAVE to go to a Palin for Goodhair event and write about it. It will be even crazier than a tea party.

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