A First for the Fourth

It has been quiet around here, but for the largest land-based fireworks display in America, which I can see (and hear) from my backyard.

There were a few firecrackers in the distance and maybe a bottle rocket, too, but otherwise, the only thing that got the pups upset was the City’s display, and maybe a racoon/possum/squirrel on the roof about thirty minutes ago.

It’s quite a change from my first few 4th of July experiences, and a welcomed one.  I am relieved.


3 responses to “A First for the Fourth

  1. Huge relief! Thanks for posting this … so your worry-wart pals can relax! We got to see the ending of the fireworks over at Miller Outdoor from the balcony … Koshka was not impressed …

    • I put Jessie in the bathroom. Unfortunately she had to listen to Dora bark and whine for about 30 minutes. I even tapped on the window, but that didn’t stop Dora.

      Murph and Tam wanted to come out back with me, but I said no. I saw Junebug run under the house throught that hole by the back door. Otherwise, the OK’s have been hiding.

      Maybe this all means that the neighborhood has grown up == litteraly. The kids of years past are off in college or working now.

  2. Damned at Random

    From the roof at my Mom’s house, you could see 3 municipal fireworks displays and one from the biggest amusement park in that part of the state. All in different directions. We would climb up there with a blanket to sit on and a 6 pack. Good times. It’s a wonder nobody ever fell off.

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