Natalie Arceneaux is a Piece of Work

Arceneaux is a local radio talker who has a one hour show Saturdays on AM 1070.  Recently, she claimed she was going to be waterboarded, but then said nothing else about it.  (Search through her website— there’s nothing there.)  She’s also insinuated herself into the whole Tea Party thing.

Today, she’s got the most amazing commercial running on AM 1070 for the Tea Party in Houston.  It goes something like this:

Son:  Mom can I use the computer?

Mom:  No, honey, I’m making fliers for the Tea Party.

Son:  Can we go to the pool?

Mom: No honey, mommy’s busy.

Son:  Can’t you take a vacation?

Mom: No, son.  Mr. Obama took all our money.

Arceneaux voice over:  Children are suffering in this economic crisis.  Join us at the Houst Tea Party to protest . . . .

That not exactly word for word, but it is close.  It’s not surprising, given what else you can hear on that station, but it’s pretty low to just outright lie like that.

I had thought about going down to the Tea Party to take pictures, but I decided that I didn’t want to get counted as part of the “10,000!!!11!11!” and it’s 100 degrees outside.  Fuck that.  I’ll just watch the local news.


7 responses to “Natalie Arceneaux is a Piece of Work

  1. Oh, my comment on the post earlier was answered in this post … sorry I missed the commercial, it sounds like a doozy (sp? doozie?)
    I wonder what happens to poor Johnny, or whatever the kid’s name is … he probably goes outside & sits on the stoop looking all mopey & depressed and when his friends ride by on their bikes & ask him why he looks so bummed says something like: “it’s my mom, dude. She’s off her meds & hearing those voices again.”

    • Yeah, I couldn’t quite believe it the first time I heard it, but I wouldn’t put anything past people who claim that their taxes have gone up. Unless they are smokers, or make over 250K, they have been getting more in their paychecks since April.

  2. I get it. You are suppose to wait till you start making 250k or more before you become concerned that you are going to be losing money to non business owners that are running this country in 6ft under in D.C. What if that changes overnight for you?

    Michelle, what guarantee do we have that tomorrow the 250K will not be lowered to 130K? Then again, the 50K people will be okay with tax increase on the 130K people. Where do you stop?

    By your reasoning, you shouldn’t do or say anything when you loved ones are hurt – because you are not hurting yet. But you forget that things like this can metastasize – knowing the people in D.C.

    Here what you need to do, stand up for what’s right by joining the Right (LOL) and call evil – EVIL.

  3. Stanley, that was my point. Taxes have gone down for most people. You and Natalie are trying to say that people didn’t notice the bump up in their salaries in April. Where I work, HR sent us an email before it even happened. Most peopled who work know that.

    The audience for Natalie’s show is mostly retired people, so of course they didn’t see any change, but to scare them, Natalie had to say that Obama had taken all of the woman’s money.

    So, yeah, Stanley, it was an outright lie.

    I wasn’t predicting the future, nor was Natalie describing the future. She made the claim that it is true now.

    Lastly, I will never “stand up for” the liar crowd. I don’t care if you are conservative, republican or libertarian. You types will never have my vote.

    You all don’t appreciate what we have and just whine and lie all the time.

  4. robert johnson

    It’ll will be sooooo nice in 2012 when the tea party is setting the national agenda and course…. And people will be back to work…. And America’s decline will become Americas rise.. .. And we will no longer be known as the food stamp nation. And the racial dividers and pimps will no longer be given credence. And we’ll have a president of this great nation who no longer bows to world leaders(many whom engage in racial and gender inequality as well as population oppression). Yes the tea party values will bring us out of the decline and back to world leader status….can’t come soon enough……

    • O lordy. The teabaggers are already spent. They are just the 27% crazy people that vote — like the ones who voted for Alan Keyes in Illinois. Nothing new, and not successful. Just look at the disaster they were in the 2010 elections.

  5. robert johnson

    Now that’s a funny if not desperate statement!!!!!! LOL……..

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