Another 4th of July, Another Burn Ban

When I first moved into this neighborhood in 1999, the neighbors were fireworks crazy at the 4th (and New Year’s, too).  I got into it with one of them down the street, pointing out that their fireworks were falling around the house of my next door neighbor who lived alone and was in his 80’s then.

We had a fire in the house behind us another year, during which Dora cemented herself as hero, since she was the one who woke me up, so I could call it in.  Two neighbors lost their garages and one of them also lost a very large pecan tree that smoldered for a while and led to another call to the fire department.

Another year, some dipshits rent a house near mine and set off bottle rockets that landed on my garage and in my yard.

I’ve always found it odd that someone would criticize me for my lack of patriotism on this holiday.  I’ve spent each one protecting my property.  Wouldn’t one think that was more patriotic than going to a music festival?  Or a tea party?

To celebrate my fortune of having been born in Texas, USA, I will spend the day preparing my house for the idiots who want to set off their bottle rockets illegally inside the city limits.

Here’s my hope for a safe and happy Independence Day for all.


5 responses to “Another 4th of July, Another Burn Ban

  1. Do you think they have fireworks where little Sam now lives? If so I hope he’s brave (and smart) and protects his companion Polly.

  2. Damned at Random

    My dog was terrified of fireworks- she spent the 4th huddled in her little house and there was no coaxing her out. Except for that, the 4th was always one of my favorite holidays, tho I never understood people wanting to set off their own fireworks in suburban neighborhoods – too many fires and injuries

    • I liked the 4th when I was a kid. We spent the summers out in West Texas. The county always had a big fireworks show and we would set them off in my grandfather’s cotton field and at the high school football stadium that was across the street from my gramother’s house.

      Since moving into the house, though, it’s been more of an anxious evening/night than anything. When I first got Dora, she was heartworm positive. She had her treatment right before the 4th. The fireworks freaked her out. She got under the deck and wouldn’t come out for the longest time.

  3. The 4ths that I remember the most are the ones when my Dad would take me & my sisters (along with a blanket & we’d park close to the Lincoln Monument & then walk (along with thousands & thousands of others) over to the little hill that forms the base of the Washington Monument. They’d always shoot the fireworks off right over the obelisk & the sparks would drop down over the crowd & all the little kids would try & catch them. Since DC in those days was very political (as in tear gas & barricades etc.) there was something nice about how people would all just be there together having a nice time (baseball games always make me feel the same way). The other 4th that I remember really well was when we were in Chile & my Dad & Mom had to host the city dignitaries & the rest of the diplomats and would have a reception in the afternoon in the courtyard between the ‘residence’ where we lived & the consulate building. One year the new Vice Consul’s wife went all out and managed to get a hold of some watermelon and made potato salad (my Mom made her fabulous Texas fried chicken). There were also peanut butter cookies & the next day me & one of my sisters found a bunch in the bushes and in this tiny little fountain (I guess peanut butter is an acquired taste!). There was also American music! Which usually meant Sousa marches and (ironically) folk songs by Pete Seeger. Man, that all seems like a half century ago! Oh, wait, it was … ha ha

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