About the Tea Parties

The Atlanta organizers got cancelled.  They are going all American Taliban on the people who said no to their use of a mall parking lot.  I just wonder why they didn’t use the same place they did on April 15th.  Perhaps it is because they don’t have the backing of Fox News Channel and Sean Hannity this time around.  And it makes me wonder, where’s Newt?  What it doesn’t make me wonder is how Fox and Newt used people and then dropped them.

The local news had a somewhat snarky segment about the North Houston Tea Party held today.  The 100 or so assembled all looked miserable, fan waving and long faces.  Joe what’s his name was there and yammered about bailouts.  Local perpetual media hound and furniture salesman Mattress Mack was supposed to show up but hadn’t by the time the news types got the hell out of there.  But my lawd, they had a “Turn Up the Heat” private meeting with Joe for $100 a pop.  I don’t think many of the bedraggled types I saw on teevee could have made it.  Pity.

There was another tea party yesterday.  It advertised Representative Ted Poe Texas state senator and local radio type Dan Patrick.  I didn’t watch the news yesterday, their website isn’t updated and a chron search turns up nothing.  Maybe it happened, maybe not. 

In anticipation of tomorrow’s 10,000 people power protest at Houston’s Discovery Green, I dropped by and took some pics.  The place the Tea Partiers have supposedly rented only holds 6K and if they go over they have to pay.  You know I will try to get to the bottom of that!  You might also remember how Tea Partier Kathleen is very bad at math.

It’s a pretty place.












2 responses to “About the Tea Parties

  1. It is a pretty place! And nice pictures too … you could try & sell these to the Houston Chamber of Commerce! Are you going to try & zoom by & get some action-shots of the tea-baggers? (still can’t get used to people outside of certain preferences calling themselves that) … I feel so sorry for all those patriots out in the hot hot hot sun … NOT …

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