The One Picture that Makes me Hesitate

I think peaches will be ok.  She is young enough and calm enough to adjust.  But Jessie is always wary of everything:


Second thoughts, always.  Jessie probably wouldn’t mind living her life in the bedroom.

I’m thinking crazy now I know.


3 responses to “The One Picture that Makes me Hesitate

  1. when I get a chance I’ll add an update about Jessie’s return to the house along with an update on the Cow Kitties (Vincent & Edith)

  2. Apart from taking a wrong turn & getting on the freeway and having to double back, everything went fine this morning. The parking lot was empty & I was the only person waiting when they opened. A very nice woman helped me and gave me some info about figuring out whether Jessie would be ready to be brought in again (when, or if, that happens). Jessie was her usual quiet self, just a couple of tiny mews when she saw me (not sure if it was relief (that would be nice!!!) or ‘oh noes, it’s you again!!). Braveheart was in the driveway along with a larger version of Junebug, but with blue eyes (?) it ran next door and peeked at me from the safety of the neighbor’s shrub. He/she & Braveheart seemed to be on okay terms from the brief glimpse I caught. Tammy & Murph tumbled out the front door and when I let Jessie out of her carrier she went straight for the bit of wet food that was already set out for her. I arranged her towel on the back of the toilet where she used to sleep and kind of hovered about for a while to see if she seemed okay. She did so i latched her in & let the noisy happy pups back in.
    Cow kitties update: both Cowboy Vincent & Cowgirl Edith’s eyes have changed and they are now officially gray-colored. Also, both of them have Nascar-class purrs, and Edith is as much an instigator of play and demanding of attention as Vincent was. The Cow Kittens have found Heaven. YaY!!!

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