Kitten Update

There are a couple of pictures of Peaches up at the SPCA site tonight.  I can’t link to them directly because of the wacky software they use to display them.  I’ve found that if I click on the inner scroll bar and then do a search, I can find her.  She’s now in Cat Room C, so I will go check on her tomorrow.

Jessie has to come back home until her milk dries up.  Thanks Peaches!  Or Jessie for letting her keep nursing.  It sounds like it will be two weeks, but hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

Today was heartbreaking — just mis-communication and not knowing and questioning my own judgment and why I was so trusting . . . but it turned out ok, I guess.  I just wonder why it took so long to get MY little kitten’s bad bad bad photos up on their damn website.  Why?  And why didn’t they tell us from the get go that Jessie needed to come back?

A very frustrating day.


One response to “Kitten Update

  1. Damned at Random

    Checked out the site- the picture is awful. They need a volunteer who knows how to adjust the exposure on that camera – looks like it was taken with a cell phone. I hope her personality comes through for visitors. The shots you took on the way to the vet show her rolling and showing off- such a sweetie.

    I’m sorry your head and heart are in conflict over Jessie. I’d take her myself if I wasn’t 1800 miles away (and already have kitty conflicts at home)

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