Ungrateful Iraqis

Dan Patrick  has a problem with Iraqis.  They seem to him to be ungrateful.  So much so that he raised his verbal level from mumble to almost shouting.

But never fear — he was back to talking about himself by the time I left the grocery store — so it’s all ok.  A radio talk show mogel never lets an opportunity to crap on an entire population get in the way of self promotion.

Oh yeah, he put in the proper disclaimers, but boy-howdy, he was mad at those one or two Iraqis who said what we all know is true.

Dan Patrick.  American Taliban.



One response to “Ungrateful Iraqis

  1. What does he think their proper reaction should be? Everything I’ve seen seems to suggest that the Iraqis are happy they are getting their country back and that it’s not necessarily anti-American at all. But then he’s the guy who thinks that the rest of the world in its entirety stays up at night scheming up ways to get to the US (preferably in an illegal fashion) to steal OUR jobs and crowd our emergency rooms, right? With the tragic and horrible exception of the South Vietnamese, every country we’ve ever withdrawn our troops from has usually been pretty stoked about it and it has to do with something called national pride and it has existed since nations started forming, which was a hell of a long time before we showed up on the world scene.

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