I’m Lucky and other topics

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have had the SPCA option with Jess and Peaches.  I hadn’t realized that they had changed their policies to become a no kill shelter.  I will throw some money their way whenever I have it.

It looks like the Iranian warbloggers have given up.  I still think the reason they latched on so hard was because of their dislike for the guy who is not running the country but gets a lot of air time.  They also clearly either don’t or refuse to remember that a more concerned Iranian Republic offered to work with us after 9/11, but the Bush admin. turned them down in an ugly way.  What could have come of that, we will never know.   I guess that’s a weird post 9/11 opinion that I have.  If it’s about women’s rights, I would suggest that the warbloggers look to their own fight in this country first, since it is, you know, their country and all that.

The next crisis is Honduras.  I expect our warbloggersto chase this next shiny thing.  And blame Obama for weeks.  I can’t wait to hear the craptacular analysis from Bill Bennett in the morning.  And Mike Gallagher will be all over this to be sure, since neither want to continue the MJ orgy or stop their nonstop attacks on our President.

We got the pup path to the end of the fence on one side.  Finally, we figured the space correctly.  The grass in the protect from dog poop area is growing, as is the poor tree that was split last September by Ike.

My next step is to get the Crepe Myrtles on the other side cut down.  They piss my neighbors off and interfere with the power lines to my house. 

I need to wash and paint my white picked fence in the front yard, fix the ceiling in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, and then replace the toilet in one of the bathrooms.  I need to get control of the backyard with the idea of planting an autumn garden — pumpkins and squash.  All of which means I need to change my schedule.  I can’t be awake when it’s hottest and sleeping when it’s coolest.

I’ll figure it out.

Kathleen goes one step too far.


One response to “I’m Lucky and other topics

  1. I’m flabbergasted at the fools who are all revved about the coup in Honduras. Like most Reaganites they seem to believe that he singlehandedly dismantled the Soviet empire, tore down the Berlin Wall and made us “great” again, and yet they’ve either forgotten or are utterly ignorant of the hundreds of thousands of dead during the Central American wars, the vast vast majority of them murdered by the death squads that Reagan-worshippers like Jesse (May He Burn In Hell) Helms supported with US money & weapons and personal visits to his office in the Senate building. Someday someone will take that vacuous twit Kathleen seriously and who is she going to turn to when the gents from the FBI come knocking at her door? That buffoon Sarge? Lobotomized Ginger? These people reconfirm why they got thrown out of office with every butchered bit of English that dribbles out of their pie-holes.

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