Next Step to Their Forever Homes

Jessie and Peaches went on their first car ride today.


They look so little in that big carrier.


There was nary a peep out of them the whole time — even when we stopped to get gas at a busy (and loud) station.


Peaches has her momma’s eyes.



We tried pouring them from the carrier into the crate, but Peaches wouldn’t cooperate.  I was relieved when the guy came back and said both of them are adoptable.


They were very interested in what he was doing.


So long, sweet Jessie.  Thanks for finding my driveway.  Thanks for bringing me the joys of kitties!


Peaches turned into a beautiful little kitty girl.


So long!




The End — of this chapter.

We went down the way to check out their competition.  There were some really cute kittens.  There were a couple that were sleeping in their litter pans (I’ve had a cat do that before).  There were a couple of 11 yo’s who had been together forever — given up because of allergies.  None of them looked like Peaches or Jessie.   I’m hopeful.

At the least I will check the website daily.  I might even go for a visit next week.  We’ll see.


4 responses to “Next Step to Their Forever Homes

  1. I’m very hopeful for both those sweethearts. And hopefully they’ll let them share a room while they’re waiting on their forever owners to show up.

  2. Damned at Random

    Are you holding up OK?

    I never realized how tiny Jessie is – Peaches is nearly as big already! I hope they find their forever homes soon.

    • I’m ok. When I was hanging clothes on the line in the backyard today, I thought I would look in the window to see what Jessie and Peaches were up to . . . but other than that mental slip, I’ve resolved myself to their not being here anymore.

      I’ll check the SPCA website everyday and may go by on Thursday. I know they both need to get spayed, so it’s hard to tell when their pics might be up or they will be out on display.

      I took some really good video of your boy Murph “working” in the yard today and will try to upload it at work tomorrow. He’s been overdoing it a bit, and with the heat, I’ve been watching him closely.

  3. Peaches’ picture is up now. Jessie has to come back home until her milk dries up.

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