He’s REALLY Change

I watched the Obama thing tonight, and I must say, this is change I can believe in.  He may not be perfect, but I’ve got a feeling that he will get something close to what he wants, which works for me.

Tired (first week of classes), distracted (I Am Legend on Master of Defense) and a little sad (Jess and Peaches leaving soon).

2 responses to “He’s REALLY Change

  1. Damned at Random

    I checked the Houston SPCA site- is that where you are taking J&P? They already have a Peaches, so you may want to rename her. Also, the photos on their site are really pretty sad – maybe you could bring some good ones on a memory stick – one that highlights Jessie’s beautiful eyes and a playful shot of Peaches might be good marketing.

    • I was planning on taking some more pics of both of them. I will take them on a disposable stick now that you mention it. I’ll stick with Peaches, since it only matters to the potential adopters. Her eyes are turning green like her mom’s.

      We put advantage on them the other night and the fleas are gone.

      I feel quite sure that it will all be ok. I plan to visit every day to see about hem as long as they are there.

      It’s a big step, but the trust is no different from the trust I have had about the pups or the other kittens.

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