President Obama has been taking a lot of heat from the Israeli/Jewish faction lately.

(I put it that way, since the people online who support Israel seem to equate the two.  I know they are mostly Jewish Americans, but their loyalty should be challenged — especially when the wife of a spy is spewing shit.)

Everyone now knows that Israel has nukes.  That’s why Iran is doing what it is.

When Obama talks about nuclear disarmament, he’s including Israel.

If we could bring Israel into the nonproliferation regime, then Iran would be neutralized.

What a radical thing to say.

Added:  This video is not safe for work.  It’s a bunch of dual American/Iraelis in Jerusalem the night before Obama gave his speech in Cairo.

6 responses to “Ambiguity

  1. Finally watched the video. All I can think of is when undocumented workers held their rallies & parades and the freak-outs from the right about seeing Mexican flags and all that talk about the “enemy within” and “divided loyalties”. When it comes to divided loyalties I think the Pollard affair is as good a litmus test as any. Pollard was a traitor to the US, and who he was selling his secrets to in no way diminishes his treason.
    The drunken bravado and the casual profanity and racism just sounds like any other frat-boy/sorority-girl get together. And the sheer vile nerve of that one punk who dares to lecture an African-American about Auschwitz? I expect even when that crowd was sobered up and not all in a mob showing off for each other, you’d still have a hard time getting them to recognize the irony of talking about Nazis & using the n-word in the next sentence.

    • Speaking of Pollard and his wife, I hope thar Panetta is on the look out for more Israeli moles. I read today that the Israelis want to piss off the U.S. Yeah, good luck with that. Given Obama’s passion for nuclear disarmament, the Israelis don’t have a chance.

  2. OH! on a completely different note: Dr. Walters called and said she got crazy girl’s blood-test results back. Dora scored a big fat N … as in: 100% NORMAL … YaY!

  3. Damned at Random

    I’ve been really pleased with Obama’s handling of the Palestinian issue- sending a special envoy early indicates he is willing to put the necessary time into the issue – after 8 years of neglect. Hopefully the Israelis are coming to term with the fact that time and demographics are not on their side and are ready to deal. I had hoped that by naming Hillary as sec of state, Obama was signaling that the Clinton plan was back in play – it was a good foundation.

    Also, looks like Amadinijad (too lazy to check the spelling) may be on the way out. I’ve always contended that he owe his presidency to Bush’s axis of evil speech- the Iranians basicly said “I’ll see your cowboy and raise you a Holocaust denier.” I’d have done the same thing under the circumstances.

    • Me, too.

      Your take was supported by the News Hour segment tonight about Iran.

      I think that the Israelis are sweating this administration as they should. It’s been a long time since anything meaningful has happened wrt that issue. Carter brokered a peace that has lasted. Every other president since then hasn’t reached that point.

      I think Obama can do it.

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