Why I am not on the front line of the culture wars

There is no better way to have your cultural values expressed than through the political process.  I don’t buy into political pandering.  I don’t subscribe to cable or satellite tv.  That’s probably the biggest reason, though maybe not.  Perhaps the biggest reason is that I’m not a joiner type.

I vote in every election that I have the opportunity to.  I give money to my local reps, and to statewide reps, and gave to Obama.  But as should be clear, I devote my time and money to animals — taking care of the dumped pups last year and the kittens this year.  It’s costly and time consuming.  And the people associated with the various rescue places are dicks, plain and simple.  They all have their turf to defend, they all have their stories.

From the rescuers at BARC to the people protesting at abortion clinics and military recruiting outlets, they are fanatics, focused on their one thing.  Sure they have other interests, but nothing trumps their one cause.

It’s no way to live.

It’s why I will figure out a way to find homes for the two kittens and Jessie on my own before I would ever go to another rescue operation, ever.

It’s why I will never accept the equivalency of the death of a recruiter for the military with a doctor.

It’s why I will never understand why one sentence can damn someone for a SCOTUS nomination and all of the sentences of others are just so much talk.

Judge Sotomayor should be confirmed — ahould she have to answer all the culture war questions?  Nope.  John Roberts, nor Alito did.  Otherwise, we would have  seen what they have to say about how the activist courts have been  the way for anti-abortionists to make their point.

Some people just never give up.


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