It’s Their Birthday

The kittens are 8 weeks old today.  I let them stay out in the bedroom, though I was so worried about them that I came home after classes to check on them.

Everything was and is ok. 

The cow kitties will go to their forever home on Monday.  I hope I will be able to see what color theirs eyes turn out to be.  I know they are going to a loving home.  I feel relieved that their future is secure and am grateful, very grateful for my dear friend’s help.  Those two little kittens will live long I am sure. 

The other two kittens may have a home, too.  I’m being careful about it, not pushing it.  I will wait for the potential forever home to make the next move.

That leaves Jessie.  She’s so tired.  And frail.  Last weekend she jumped up and hung on the bathroom window frame — screaming get me out of here!

I put the kittens in the bathroom and tried to hold Jessie in my arms while lying on the bed — just to remind her that I love her, but the kittens called — scratching on the bathroom door, and she had to go.

Jessie is much like Junebug, though Junebug lost her kitten.  Junebug comes in sometimes but only when it’s really cold.  I’m thinking I could get Jessie spayed and then either let her out with Junie and Braveheart, or introduce her to the pups.  I don’t know.  I’m still hoping I will find her a home.


2 responses to “It’s Their Birthday

  1. Damned at Random

    Best of luck to the little ones. It would break my heart to see them go, which is how we wound up with seven

    • I’m siding with Jessie on this one. She just seems so tired. The kittens are still bulldozing her to nurse.

      With regard to the cow kittens, I know for sure they are going to a good home. I think they might have kennel cough, or some sort of respiratory infection. All of them are a little — and I stress little — snotty nosed. Nothing to stop them from playing or eating or anything. Just a little crust on their noses that I have cleaned up.

      I so hope that the other person comes through and takes in the other two kittens. Then I will be able to get Jessie healthy and spayed.

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