The Trouble With Ears

Baby Murphy has the cutest ears, but they are his biggest trouble.


He’s got to go one more time.



5 responses to “The Trouble With Ears

  1. Damned at Random

    poor baby- he looks so sad. What is his ear issue?

    • He’s pretty pitiful. He’s got a yeast infection. He’s been to the vet the last three Saturdays for an infusion. He’ll go for hopefully his last check this Saturday.
      The vet gave me some medicated ear wash to keep him from getting another infection.
      And he’s only said for a short time — then he’s back to his bouncy happy self 🙂

  2. Kitten ‘forever home’ update! Cowboy & Cowgirl are spoken for, but the possibility of adding a 3rd kitten was contingent on no one else putting dibs on Peaches and Sam. Therefore, if the person you mentioned who was interested in 2 kittens is still interested, that would be cool with the folks who would like to take the Cow-kittens!

  3. Happy happy birthday, kittens!

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