Listening to Hannity

He’s in full rant about Speaker of the House Pelosi with his new mantra about what she knew about torture and when she knew it.  He’s advertising that he’ll have a timeline on his show tonight.  I wonder if it will look anything like this.

Earlier he read from Karl Rove’s WSJ op-ed today.

If Mrs. Pelosi considers the enhanced interrogation techniques to be torture, didn’t she have a responsibility to complain at the time, introduce legislation to end the practices, or attempt to deny funding for the CIA’s use of them? If she knew what was going on and did nothing, does that make her an accessory to a crime of torture, as many Democrats are calling enhanced interrogation?

For the past hour, Hannity has been playing fast and loose with time.  He keeps implying that Pelosi had a lot more power than she did at the time this all happened.  He’s calling for a special prosecutor and for Pelosi to testify under oath (something Hannity never demanded of Bush or Cheney, surprise surprise.)  And gees, now he’s talking to Dick Morris.

Every Republican/Conservative has wanted Pelosi out since she took office.  they are getting ahead of themselves here, I think.

From the comments at Ballon Juice, there might be a an underlying, alternative outcome of this whole thing.  I read about it right when Obama released the memos:  that the torture was not done to protect the country, but rather to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Yes, let’s have a true commission, or a special counsel as Hannity wants.

Now Dick Morris is lying about how the FBI found out about Jose Padilla.  Now who are you going to believe, Dick Morris, or the guy who got the information?

Update:  Hannity has repeatedly called Eric Holder a coward.  That’s just too cute by half.  Here’s how Hannity does cya.

Have you ever noticed that it’s always a special edition of the Sean Hannity Show?

Update Update:  Hannity is going to far.  He thinks Pelosi is shaking because she is lying.  He says  Pelosi is politicizing it.  Irony?  Dead.

My God.  Father Coughlin was  . . .   My God.  This is more than shameful.

Update Update Update:  She’s third in line.  Hannity et al WANT her to be shaking.

In the end, this will work out.


10 responses to “Listening to Hannity

  1. Damned at Random

    If Pelosi disclosed the contents of a secret briefing, she would have been accused (properly) of treason.

    I had secret clearance for a lot of years. These briefings would be at a much higher level than I was exposed to and I would expect jail time is I was to intentionally and publicly disclose classified material.

    Only the vice president’s office can do that with impunity

    • What is driving my crazy about this whole thing is the twist to it. They couldn’t take papers in with them , they had to do everything from memory, and there is a high likelihood that the Bush era CIA types have something to hide. I am sympathetic to the position the Panetta is in, but really, from Soufan’s testimony, it’s the contractors. Who authorized using contractors.

      And I see that Blackwater types got drunk in Afghanistan and killed people. This all has to stop.

  2. Disclosing the contents of a secret briefing was not Pelosi’s only option. If what was happening was as morally reprehensible as so many Democrats now claim, she should have looked at some other options. And she probably had a wider range of options after the Democrats took over the congress in ’06. But she did … nothing.
    We are left with this bizarre picture of two co-equal branches where one branch refuses to accept accountability for anything that happened. The self-described pure and morally superior side is saying, “Illegal, immoral and bad things were done. And those guys over there need to be held accountable and pay a price. We bear no responsibility. Sure, we knowingly gave them the money with which they did it. But we only did that because they told us to. Go get them. They’re bad and they’ll get away if you don’t hurry up. If you don’t quit saying we we’re implicated we might put you on trial. At the we’ll have NBC dig up dirt on you and we’ll nail your complaining ass to the wall. You and anyone else who expects accountability from any Democrat.”
    You want power without responsibility or accountability. You’re probably going to have to unfairly prosecute a lot of people to make that work. And you’re getting a good start on it.

    • So are you saying she should have broken the law?

      The Democratcs had no power during the time that people were being tortured. It stopped before they won a slim majority in 2006. Do you remember what happened in the fall of 2006, what legislation was proposed, passed? Do you remember the battles of 2007, when Democrats tried to had to stop Bush?

      Let it all come out — everything. And if a Demgets caught in some weird twist, fine. But no Democrat authorized the torture. They weren’t even in an advisory position. They got briefed. And just like with the Iraq war authorization, they probably got snowed. Even Rasmussen polled that a majority think The Dems got lied to.

  3. The Dems paid for it. They just don’t want to accept the same amount of responsibility for their actions that they are demanding from Republicans.
    And it is only torture if you are going to keep pushing that big lie.

    • Ah, yes, show me you know how to use the internets by proving that the Dems agreed to that. As I said the torture stopped in 2005.

      As far as it being torture, you are rather typical. You can’t imagine your own government using those same things on you, probably because you have never done anything wrong. It’s so much easier to rationalize using those ever so happy techniques to insure the safety of people who have a better change of being hit by a bus or killed by lightning.

  4. The Dems Nancy Pelosi and Porter Goss were briefed on on what was going on in 2002 but quietly accepted it. Jane Harmon and John McCain were also briefed on the same activities and protested to the Bush administration.
    I have been in trouble and I have been to jail. And I have no illusions about how uncaring the justice system can be. But such personal experiences are unrelated to the question of whether or not my government has engaged in torture. Just as the chances of getting hit by a bus is unrelated. Your introduction of rationalization into the discussion makes sense since you might well be projecting. And it serves to move the discussion away from the embarrassing fact that Dems do not demand accountability from Dems, only from Republicans.

    • I’m well aware of the timeline and the publicly known facts surrounding the issue. I also know who Porter Goss is and the nature of his tenure as the head of the CIA. Jane Harmon sent a letter in 2003. Jane Harmon wasn’t briefed in 2002 because she wasn’t on the committee at that time.

      I could easily turn your agument around on you and claim that Republicans never hold other Republicans accountable and have any number of examples to point to, but in this case, since The executive and legislative branch were in full control of Republicans and they were the ones that authorized and rationalized using torture, the Dems have nothing to do with it.

  5. You could turn my argument around on me if I were a Republican. I’m not. But you are right about Republicans being as corrupt and self-serving as Dems.
    But there was no torture. So I remain fairly sure that any rationalizing is just you projecting.

    • It’s doesn’t matter what party affiliation you have or don’t have. It’s about your assertion regarding Democrats.

      No torture, you say? That’s a real conversation stopper.

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