More Needless Gun Stupidity

I missed this one on the local news, but please, can everyone stop shooting people and asking questions later?

2 responses to “More Needless Gun Stupidity

  1. This is a horrible event. My heart goes out to this family, and they will be in my prayers. I spoke with my mother some this weekend about this (maybe it was Monday though I forget) and its a true tragedy.

    I echo your sentiments, can’t we learn not to shoot first and then try and find out what is occuring!?

    • I worry that this might be a bad summer, with all of the gun makers cashing in on fear. There’s one gun shop that includes in its advertizing the idea that you can’t rely on the police to help you, so you have to take care of things yourself.

      At least that crazy bill to allow people to carry guns on campus looks like it will die in committee.

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