A Follow-up on the Kittens

Cowboy is now regularly out of the box, whether it is the plastic tub or the crate.  Earlier tonight, I opened the crate ‘door’ and let them all out.  Cowgirl was the only one to hesitate — the other two ran right out.

I stayed in the room with them for about an hour.  Eventually they all played — Peaches even managed to pluck a string on the guitar next to the chair in the corner.  It startled her, but she recovered.  At one point, Murphy started barking and they all found their way back into the crate.  The whole time, Jessie was alert but not spooked.  She is a very good mom.

Right now they are back running around the bedroom.

I keep showing people the pictures — I can only hope I will find homes for all of them.  It’s almost time — they are almost ready.

After another change in pups in the house and out, I let the kittens run the room again.  They still need their mom, so maybe I have a few more days.

One response to “A Follow-up on the Kittens

  1. Cautious little Cowgirl! The pictures are great! Of course the action shot of little putterbutt going headfirst over the wire is pretty spectacular. That little kitten is something else, although they’re all pretty cool. And cool Mom, too. Hope I get to see the fierce-kitty sideways hop.

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