We Should Thank Mexico

Earlier tonight on the News Hour, there was a report on just how much this H1N1 flu has cost Mexico, both in lives lost and its economy.  Unlike Dan Patrick and his crew at AM700, I am grateful, here in Texas, that the Mexican government took the actions that it did.  Mexico made a great sacrifice — for the world.  As a prominent Mexican said on the News Hour, China didn’t do the same with SARS.  China hid what they knew.  Mexico notified the WHO right away.  It makes what China did to Mexican nationals in China a disgrace.

We got word today that the student who went to the health clinic at our school didn’t have the H1N1 flu. 

I’m afraid Mexico has an uphill climb, whatt with the undo punishment it took here in the U.S. over Spring Break.

Perhaps the Mexico detractors will realize Mexico’s sacrifice and give them the credit they are due.

P.S.  The person on PBS tonight says the same — better and more comprehensively than I have.

2 responses to “We Should Thank Mexico

  1. Damned at Random

    I hadn’t thought about the contrast with SARS, but you are right, the Mexican gov’t acted aa a responsible citizen of the world.

    I’m also glad that all we wound up with was a dry run of our pandemic response plan. Things actually seemed to run pretty smoothly.

    • Neither had I until I heard that reportl, though I should have. I remember SARS because of my work — it was a worriy and depressed our enrollment for a time.

      Lots of basic functions of government are working well. If only we could get the financial system back on track . . . I started wondering this evening if some Americans would start putting 2 and 2 together and see how damaging an unregulated financial system can be, and dare I say it — see what the anger behind the 9/11 attacks was.

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