Another Compare and Contrast — This time regarding Condi Rice’s encounter at Stanford

A video of Condi Rice (embedded in several links) answering a Stanford student’s question on torture was making the rounds last week.  Most of the commentary characterizes Rice’s responses and demeanor as increasingly hostile and at one point she “pulls a Nixon.”

The next day, Scott Horton (someone I admire) took apart each of Rice’s points.  Horton ends his post with this:

So I score this: Stanford student 6, Rice 0. Rice needs to do some homework before her next appearance on campus. But first perhaps she’d better hire a good lawyer.

Then this morning, a whole different group of posts shows up.  Here are a few quotes:

If everyou needed further proof of the “person of color” America really needs in charge right now, I urge you to watch this fabulous YouTube footage of the magnificent Condoleezza Rice being ambushed by left-liberal students at Stanford University with a series of “difficult” questions about torture, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and US foreign policy under George W Bush. (Hat tip: Andrew Hamilton.)

It’s too bad we no longer have adults leading this country.

Watch ouralways classy, former SOS take on Stanford University progressive liberal know-it-all students, and put their sound byte educated selves in their place during an impromptu “interrogation” about torture, Gitmo, etal. This woman doesn’t parse words, straddle fences, and she sure doesn’t back down…. and still remains the lady thru and thru.

My personal favorite? The part about why the Club Gitmo tribunals were delayed.

Condi Rice disembowels a sniveling liberal puppy from Stanford University

I sure miss having grownups in positions of authority.

The phony “torture” rhetoric moonbats have been pushing is going to blow up in their self-righteous faces when their policies inevitably lead to an attack that will make 9/11 look like a fender-bender. They will be complicit in the bloodshed, and everyone will know it.

The factis we saw what they would have done, and it would have ulimately led to more attacks on US soil.

For me at least, it the difference between reason (Scott Horton) and cheer leading (the other links).

8 responses to “Another Compare and Contrast — This time regarding Condi Rice’s encounter at Stanford

  1. Wow!

    I followed someones lead and did a search on the OSCEPA report. Ms. Rice said
    “Did you know that Guantanamo was called a ‘model medium security prison’ by representatives of the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe?”

    Here is what was actually said.

    “The Camps 5 and 6 that we visited are two modern buildings that comprise nothing
    but isolation cells. They have been built on the model of the US medium-security prisons and
    endowed with the most sophisticated surveillance equipment.”

    Since its a translation from French I could have missed something but searching on the word “Model” gave only the above text.

    Perhaps its my simple mind again, but the statement by Ms. Rice seems completly out of context.

  2. Darnit I meant to put this in the above. Here is the link to the OSCEPA report for anyone intersted in it.

    • Rice’s characterization of Gitmo is something to protect herself, I think. Surely she sees herself as a reasonable, intellectual person. Clearly she’s got to find a way to rationalize everything that the administration she served in did.
      It will all continue to come out. Today I heard an interview with a military psychologist trying his best to defend the practices. He sounded defensive — he was rationalizing.

  3. Tomorrow I’m going to try & look up some of the documents we have at work (issued by the Chilean equivalent of our Supreme Court/Justice Department … nerdy factoid: their Justice Dept. is not part of the executive branch) … anyway, I remember that there were directives as to whether & how medical doctors & psychologists should be penalized for working with the torturers & with DINA (the security police): I think they (the docs) were offered a choice of resignation, without the prospect of practicing medicine again, or a formal hearing & potential disbarment … at the time it seemed they got off easy … I wonder if it will come to something like that here?

    • I think with medical professionals, the get their licenses revoked, but I’m not sure.

      It seems odd also that it’s psychologists, not psychiatrists.

      That any time of medical professionals try to excuse this by saying that their client was the U.S. is shameful.

      Did you catch the report on the News Hour on the Rwanda reconciliation?

  4. I know ‘disbarment’ is a term for the legal profession but I can’t think of the equivalent for medicine …

  5. Yes, I saw the thing about Rwanda. Again, it seems similar to both Chile & Argentina, even though they handled their reconciliation attempts quite differently – but the common thing seems to be a sense that this may not be the best solution, but it’s an attempt, on the part of both victims & victimizers, to return to a social commonality – and this is preferable, even with the underlying tension, to the old cycles of revenge and punishment and revenge, on and on. The president, Paul Kagame, is also really pressing the French to own up to some of their responsibility in having made promises to the Hutu leadership that the world would stand back and let it happen.

    • Rwanda and South Africa are leading in Africa — a new way. It’s very encouraging. Perhaps Somalia’s better fishermen will find a way to patrol their waters and take it back from the rogues. It gives me hope. Given the upsurge in our enrollment of Africans, I can only see the continent moving in a positive direction. I know I mostly interact with the wealthy (the children of those well enough off to send their children here) but it is still a good sign.

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