Big Roofing Day

Last September, the roof got ravaged by Hurricane Ike.  Shortly afterwards, we got a blue tarp put on through the insurance company.  I had been lazy and preoccupied until the terrible rains of the past few weeks.  The leaks in one room came back, and I finally got the whole replacement thing set up.  The guy I’m working with is so laid back that he nor anyone else showed up to get paid today.  I’ll call him tomorrow or Monday about it.

The roof looks great.  Tomorrow will probably be the test, as there is a 60% chance of rain.

We boarded Dora at our vet.  She’s getting the spa treatment, so I will pick her up on Monday.  Tammy and Murphy enjoyed the day by barking at the roofers, unless I pulled out the camera.  Then they shut up — until one of them was in the front yard and maybe Murph was no longer shy about barking on camera.  This has lots of my baby talk again, but at the end you can see Murph’s latest trick with the blinds.

It was pretty loud, but nothing rattled off the shelves or walls, since we had taken it all down last night.  Both of us managed to get a nap (after waking up at early thirty) but did so NOT when it was the roofers’ lunchtime.  (We are smart.)

We did have to spring into action when the part of the ceiling that was already kind of falling started to fall a little more under the pounding.  Don’t ask me how, but I happened to have a perfect 8 foot long 2×6 in the garage that wedged the sagging (non-weight bearing) beam into place.  Other than walking to the new Mexican food place down the street for some breakfast earlier in the day, that was about the scope of our activity.  (Oh, I think Roberto did some cleaning while I was napping.  I played Master of Defense while he was sleeping. )

Tam and Murph have been out reclaiming the yard since the evil roofers left.  It’s now well after 11:00 and nary a peep from them about coming back in.  I’m sure Dora mostly slept today, since that is what she does best, and Jessie and the kittens were unphased by the whole ordeal throughout the day.  The only difference between having these kittens and having the puppies last spring is that Jessie cleans up the kittens’ poop.  Then I clean up her poop.  Otherwise, it’s the same routine:  Play sleep eat poop.

Caroline and Cisco hid for most of the day.  The outside kittens were here in the morning, but while Junebug and sad gray and white kitten were back this evening, I haven’t seen Braveheart.  I hope he’ll be around for breakfast in the morning.

Just waiting on youtube, so I can post this.


4 responses to “Big Roofing Day

  1. Hey! you’re getting good at that there camera-to-youtubey thing! I love the way Tammy shimmies quietly around the corner while you’re talking to Murphy. On the video her coat looks almost blue …

    • Dora’s back home snoozing on the couch. Everything is fine. The roofing guy called and I will send him the check in the mail tomorrow.

  2. I’m glad Dora’s back home. I’m sure she had a good mini-vacation & got pampered, but she needs to be with her stuff & her Caroline & her Mom!!

    • I’m thinking she needed to be with her couch and bed! She’s been zoinked on the couch and now in my bed since she got home. I understand, as I felt the same wayafter going to Denver.

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