Among Other Things, This is Your Problem, Republicans (or conservatives or little “l” libertarians or whatever you want to brand yourselves today)

So this poll comes out and it shows that President Obama is getting good scores from the American people.  The first thing you do is analyze it based on race— if you are a good conservative, one who is described as “brilliant” on talk radio and always up for an interview.

If you want to put out a manefesto for your dying party, you compare apples to oranges.  And by the way, I agree with Kathleen that all of her kind should get behind the Libertarians.  Just looking at their responses to the League of Women Voters  guide each election cycle shows that they are in the same place. I’m guessing she doesn’t know anything about this.  Were she a PUMA, she would likely lean toward Larouche.

If you are a program manager of a radio station that only really has the local baseball team to support your revenues, and your whiney ass is off the air, as is your weekend tag teamer, then I guess you fire people. 

Both Kathleen and Michael Berry say they aren’t racists, but my goodness they approach that line almost every day, either through ignorance or design.

I’ve found it quite easy to avoid being called a racist all my life.  I’ve also never had to defend myself on the legality of torture.

Funny how that works.

8 responses to “Among Other Things, This is Your Problem, Republicans (or conservatives or little “l” libertarians or whatever you want to brand yourselves today)

  1. The poll numbers are what they are, and the posting didn’t seem inflammatory to me.

    I would be shocked if there were not a disparity between white and black Americans in Obama’s approval rating. Heck I am a white American and I have to admit myself that I probably like Obama more because he is the first President that hasn’t been a white American. In some ways it makes me proud and hopeful for our nation, and I know it likely colours my opinion of his policies (pun not intended) somewhat.

    I think the important thing to take out of it is simply this. Obama’s overall popularity is 68% amongst white American’s its 62%. I will be honest, if someone had told me 4 years ago that a Black man were to be elected President and 100 days into office his approval rating were 62% overall I would answer “I will take it.. twice on Sunday”

    So let the conservatives holler all they wish, the numbers still say he is immensly popular even if we just plain eliminated the opinions of all minorities! So at the risk of being childish 😛

    • So, are you arguing that York was just sloppy in his analysis or perhaps uninformed about the make up of the American electorate?

      But seriously, my point was that for all of the talk about trying to attract minorities to their party, conservatives still can’t help but discount African American participation in our country’s politics.

      I’m a bit different from you. It took me a while to warm up to Obama, but he won me over. He’s not perfect and at times I wish he would do things differently, but I’m definately part of the 68% majority.

      In the comments of York’s article, someone brought up an interesting point. There’s a not insignificant chunck of white voters who thought George Bush could do no wrong and explained how he had an average approval rating of 30% to the end. Should we discount them and just say that Bush actually had a lower approval rating than he appeared to?

  2. Regarding your last point, I will say the following.

    If someone says “well Obama’s approval rating is lower than it shows because of high approval ratings amongst black Americans” then I would say to be intellectually honest they would have to say “Bush’s approval rating was too high because of high ratings amongst white American’s” I mean one shouldn’t choose one’s logic based upon partisanship. I know I am too naive’

    But to me in reality the numbers are what the are. Obama is at 68% so what if its 62% of white Americans and 89% of black Americans. Its still 68% of AMERICAN’s. I am just surmising (but I would guess its a very accurate supposition) that his approval rating were skewed high for Democrats vis a vis Republicans and similarly for professed liberals vis a vis conservatives. Yet we don’t say something like “Well his approval rate is not really that high because he has such a high rating amongst Democrats and Liberals” so when someone says the same thing about a racial grouping I feel much the same “So what?”

    In some ways I can say reading the article I wondered if there was an undercurrent of “Way too many black American’s are approving of Obama just because he is black and shame on them” but if there were it was subdued at least to me.

    I also was suprised that he didn’t mention what I think is most telling about the stats namely that even with this supposedly unprecedented support from black Americans, his rating was still 60%+ I would also have liked to have seen support %’s for Carter and Clinton, both candidates did pretty well in the general election amongst black voters so it would be interesting to see what approval share they enjoyed.

    Anyway I enjoy your blog, keep it up Ma’am!

    • Most of the time I cringe at the “it is what it is” type thing, but I see your point with this one. I called in to a local wingnut radio show not too long ago when the host was going on about “real” Americans and asked that since Idisagreed with him, did that make me an “unreal” or “fictional” American. He never said. It also makes me think about the bitters who want to “take the country back.”

      I agree that there was a lack of perspective in York’s article. It’s why it stuck out for me. Clearly African Americans have identified with the Democratic party for a number of years now. It’s a simple explanation that York just couldn’t get (even in his update).

      At any rate, thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger 🙂

  3. I also don’t like the “it is what it is” argument either when its applied to making conclusions, I think the difference was I was applying it to poll data, and in that case it really is what it is!

    The ‘real American’ used to make me so mad, perhaps for my own peace of mind it just makes me sorta shake my head. Perhaps I am way too naive’ in my thoughts, but aren’t we all ‘real Americans’ I mean is it not true that an inclusionary theme was present in the very foundations of this nation? We are all real and really a part of this nation. I think one of the fundamental differences between liberals and conservatives is that liberals would never want to disenfranchise conservatives and well the opposite is not so clear (I speak in generalities here of course).

    And I won’t be a stranger I read you just about every day!

  4. I typed ahead of myself. I should say for my own peace of mind NOW it just makes me sorta shake my head

  5. Mike, I think you are giving some (maybe not all, but certainly some) conservatives a big benefit of the doubt in the extremely diplomatic way you mention the desire to disenfranchise fellow Americans. Conservatives are fond of claiming that so-called politically correct speech is an unfair or coded test, but no liberal that I know of has ever proposed a loyalty oath, which conservatives have done at different moments in our history and will surely try to do again in the future.

  6. Roberto,

    I know in my nature I am prone to do that. Perhaps its naivete, perhaps its just a wish to not believe the worst of folks. I do know that when I consider liberals its not just that I find myself idealogically in that camp, I find this side to be more reasoned and reasonable in general. And as I said, I do believe many conservatives would wish liberals to be silenced in the political arena, and I have never heard the opposite seriously suggested.

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