A Solution to the Torture Issue

I admit it might be a bit hard, but could we just resolve to not do anything to others — no matter their status — that we have convicted others of doing — no excuses.

Could we please convict people of crimes that we have convicted others of before?

Could someone — sorry it can’t be me, but I promise to sustain it when I retire — irritate the hell out of Cheney for the rest of his life?

Yeah, I’d like that transparency to include all the spook stuff.  There is no reason for all of the self perpetuating secrecy crap.  Let’s just deal honestly with our fellow planeteers already, all right?

5 responses to “A Solution to the Torture Issue

  1. I agree completely. I think that Cheney’s calling their bluff because he’s convinced that the examples that have been kept so secret will overwhelm all his critics and bring them over to the side that says torture is okay. I’d like to be able to judge for myself. I suspect that the lines will remain pretty much the same but the sunlight has been let in and all the evidence and proof is there for all to see then torture will become the moral issue it has been all along and I’ll be more than happy to question the patriotism of anybody who thinks there isn’t a shocking contradiction in the statement ‘Americans torture their prisoners.’ We have held ourselves out to be better than that and the evidence shows that under Bush we became something less than that.

  2. ola! you guys okay in the rain?

  3. It is a bit unrealistic to think we can reveal everything we do on the intelligence side of this nation. What we could do is when we find someone doing wrong via our intelligence arms we should be draconian in our prosecution of such.

    As for the torture, I would sure prefer we didn’t do such a thing. But the icing on the cake is to do it and then lie about it and hide it away. If the conservatives really and truly believe it was absolutely essential, then they should have been willing to say “Yes we are doing this and will continue to do so”. Instead they hide it and lie about it, because they know the rank and file american will not have it.

    • I think the secrecy is a holdover from when the nations of the world worked in coalitions or blocks, topling governments and funding insurgencies. I’d like to see that time end. I’d like to see our nation and others work together. I would prefer that the U.S. had taken Iran up on its offer to cooperate at the initial invasion of Afghanistan. I would prefer that both Israel and India comply with nonproliferation agreements, instead of the U.S. ignoring the first and encouraging the latter.

      The 21%ers who are so afraid that they approve of any means necessary to protect them from a stastically improbable brush with beheading are beyond help. But at least they are the minority.

  4. Michelle,

    I can so agree with this last thing you said. I would sure like to see alot more cooperation and less strife.

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