“You can hardly walk up the sidewalk from I10 on Louisiana”

This according to a caller on KSEV AM 700 (Dan Patrick’s station) around 5:15 this evening.

Funny thing though, I was on Louisiana, between I10 and the “Tea” Whiner Party at that moment and this is what I saw:




Hey guys, you’re going the wrong way!  Maybe they couldn’t get into the plaza . . .


Maybe everyone is across the street . . .


Nope.   Maybe they’re one block down . . .



At  the same time Paul Benttencourt was claiming (on KSEV) that the crowd was 4500 to 5000.

Jones Plaza is less than 400 ft. square.  It’s not just an empty block, but has structures and bleachers.  Even if each person only took up 1 square foot each, the place could only hold 2000 people max and that’s without any structures.

Google is not cooperating, so just go to maps and type in 601 Louisiana, Houston, TX and you can see for yourself.

On the way to dinner, my friend and I drove by again — around 6:20.  The protest hadn’t moved to the post office yet, the streets were still open, and it didn’t look like it had spread to other blocks.

On the way home a little after 9:00, there were about 10 lonely teabaggers and city workers were out cleaning up their mess.

I wonder how much this temper tantrum cost Houston?


I don’t know what Kathleen is trying to pull here, but the top picture is of Jones Plaza, and at least some of the people in the ones she claims are of those who can’t get in seem to be sitting down.   She’s not the most honest person I have run into on the internets, so I’m guessing she’s just trying to fool the easily fooled.


4 responses to ““You can hardly walk up the sidewalk from I10 on Louisiana”

  1. This is hilarious! Great job (and great between-shots commentary) … they had a little puff piece about it on the NewsHour & then they moved on to grown-up news … they (the tea-baggers) come off as really pleased with themselves (and oh my! a little shocked as well! as though this is their pathetic equivalent to the march on Selma or something) … if I were a patriotic tax-payer on my way to the post office to make sure my return got in on time I’d have been really pissed if there had been more than the 15 bellyaching drama queens who turned up …

    • Thanks!

      I was surprised by how many people were leaving, with their homemade signs.

      On the 10:00 news, the crowd estimate was reported as 3500, but Ijust don’t see how that could be right. There’s just not that much space at Jones Plaza.

  2. Damned at Random

    Looks like a crowd of dozens. The only thing they did better than many of the leftie demonstrations was the use of homemade signs instead of the preprinted stuff. That at least looks grassroots – and the spelling is frequently good for a laugh

    • They are now claiming that the police blocked off the streets and that there were 8400 people there.

      Of course, 8400 people would have covered several city blocks . . .

      It’s amazing how people just flat out lie.

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