Compare and Contrast

I just checked Kathleen’s (AKA Texassparkle & Ringwingsparkle) blog at the Houston Chronicle and noticed that John of By the Bayou (and who used to also blog at the Chronicle) had left a comment on Kathleen’s whiny post about Hispanics (go read it if you want, it’s her standard myopic screed).

Compare her “comments policy” with her response to John’s comment at April 10, 2009 10:26 PM (Kathleen inserts her comments in italics inside of others’ comments — because she is too lazy to post a separate comment).

Her “policy”:

Since I have been blogging for quite a while now, I have developed a thick skin with unseemly comments, but I have also decided that there is no reason to publish comments that are uncivil, rude, crude, or otherwise unacceptable.

Cussing and personal insults will not be allowed on my blog. If all you wish to do is blather on about how much you hate this President or any other candidates for President, whether they are Democrat or Republican, then please find somewhere else to do it. I like reasonable debate. If you disagree with me then disagree. But try to act like you would if you were speaking to me in person. I doubt you would use the same kind of language. I also dislike bringing in other topics in the comment section that do not reflect anything in the actual post. There is also no reason to make an argument being smug or sarcastic. I gave a lot of leeway in comments so far, but I won’t from now on. So don’t waste your time typing a comment that I won’t publish. Ask yourself if you would say to a stranger’s face what you are typing. If not, then don’t type it.

I am not an objective reporter. I don’t pretend to be. My original blog is named “Rightwingsparkle.” That gives you a pretty clear view of my political beliefs. Even though I am conservative, I feel I am also fair in my views. At least I try to be.

I will try to be respectful and I ask you to be as well.

And what she said to John:

Hispanic voters didn’t abandon the GOP because the party “seemed” racist, they abandoned it because GOP politicians consciously stirred up some of the most ugly racism I’ve seen in this country in my adult life. And that’s why the GOP is not a “natural fit” for Hispanic voters.

*Note: I’m glad you can speak for Hispanics. Seems like most here don’t agree with you. Mainly because you don’t have a clue. GOP politicians in NO WAY stirred up racism. That is in your own biased mind. -TexasSparkle

I laughed out loud when I read, “They are pro-family, pro-life, religious, entrepreneurial, and value oriented.” That’s why a lot of us are Democrats; we think it strengthens families to be treated equally, have jobs, and have access to health care. We think it’s good for a religiously diverse country to have a secular government, so no religion has preference. Speaking as someone who has owned his own business, I prefer to do that in a society where the government takes responsibility for physical infrastructure and keeping the financial system functioning in a transparent way.

*note: I laughed at loud at that entire paragraph. You don’t want ” religiously diverse,” you want NO religious at ALL. No one wants a “prefrence in religion,” We just want a place at the table. Because heaven forbid someone remind you of how selfish humans are. Transparent??? What a joke!! You mean like when Obama promised to have bills on online for five days before signing them and did no such thing? Access to healthcare? Why don’t you mosey on over to Canada and see how quickly you get that heart bypass. There is a reason the one who can afford it come to the U.S. for that kind of care. Look at Canada and see what Obama wants for us here.-TexasSparkle

By the way, can you tell me who in the US is against families? I know “pro family” is usually the polite way to say “anti-gay,” because of course gay people don’t have families – we hatch from eggs and reproduce by mitosis, I suppose.

*note: Let me tell you what being against gays is about. In Iran, the country Obama would like to “have talks” with, they HANG gays from cranes in the middle of the city. It is CONSERVATIVES that fight against the monster in your back yard mister. Not the liberals. And if it EVER comes down to it and you are targeted, it will be the conservative hiding your a** and protecting you with “our right to bear arms.” Maybe some don’t agree with a gay lifestyle, but we all believe in the freedom to do as you wish. THAT IS WHAT WE FIGHT FOR. Your side will NEVER FIGHT for that. That is what you don’t get and will never get.-TexasSparkle


I think you’re right that Bush had a sensible, moderate approach to immigration; I was very supportive of him (& wrote about that on my blog here). Sensible, moderate policies really didn’t have a home in his party, though. It’s too bad; I wish he’d been more successful on that front.

*note: Really? The same Pres. Bush that your side denigrated and lied about for 8 yrs. That showed NO respect for and tore down every chance they got? That one? Give me a break. Pathetic.-TexasSparkle

There’s a word for this.


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