“Tea Party” (Pity Party, Really) Promo on Local Radio KTHN

Driving back from the Easter Egg Hunt this morning (post on that later with pictures), I tuned in to the Natalie Arceneaux Show on KTNH, the Salem network station in Houston.  The promo for her show goes something like this, “She’s female. She’s conservative.  She’s black.  She’s our token . . .”  Ok, not that last bit, but basically, that’s what she is.

Arceneaux has jumped on the top-down Tea Party bandwagon (which Kathleen doggedly claims is “grass level“) just like Sean Hannity, and now Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich.  During her one hour show this afternoon, she had a promo for the Houston Tea Party (which seems to be simultaneously scheduled at the Downtown Post Office and Jones Plaza — go figure).  The part of the promo that caught my attention was this: “It’s not a Republican thing.  It’s not a Democrat thingIt’s an American thing.”

Right.  Democrats don’t use the word Democrat in that way.  Call it a linguistic tell.


19 responses to ““Tea Party” (Pity Party, Really) Promo on Local Radio KTHN

  1. I’m a tea-drinker and always like when there’s news about tea. But now I’ve heard about a coffee-flavored tea http://tinyurl.com/coffeeT and wonder, are there double benefits there? I know I won’t be trying it, though.

  2. Damned at Random

    Meanwile, back in my hometown, a wingnut guns down 3 cops:

    Richard Andrew Poplawski was a young man convinced the nation was secretly controlled by a cabal that would eradicate freedom of speech, take away his guns and use the military to enslave the citizenry.

    Maybe he doesn’t like tea

  3. I’m enjoying this free-association tea thread … btw, I saw part of a movie the other night that I’ll need to track down, which had the actor from ‘Prison Break’ playing a very sensitive and affable psychiatrist … the actor who plays ‘Tea Bag’ on PB … (that’s the tea reference) … the man has range, tell ya what!
    Coffee-flavored tea? I might give it a single try but that does seem sort of odd: a self-loathing tea? Like beer-flavored wine.

  4. also (for d-a-r above), isn’t it strange how the types who always fling the very worst insults at the military are no longer from the left, but always from the gun-toters on the right? You wonder if all those ‘support the troops’ decals are used more as voodoo trinkets to mollify the soldiers, who, in these wingnut fantasies, are apparently so malleable that they’d turn into Nazis at the drop of a hat!

  5. Damned at Random

    dead on, Roberto. These guys seem to see no shades of gray. David Neiwert on Ornicus is following the Pittsburgh story -turns out this nutcase posted a GLENN BECK video on the vile, racist Stormfront forum. I went there to check it out and found a thread about how, as a result of the Poplawski connection, the feds would be shutting down the website and coming after the participants. I’ve never seen that sort of paranoia on the left.

    By the way, I assume our blogmistress is OK and just preoccupied with her new babies, right?

    • I’m here, and yes, busy with work stuff. I fell and hurt my left wrist and so typing has been a struggle the past few days.

      That’s good news about Stormfront gettinb shut down. I linked to their leader a couple of times while writing abou the whole Farmer’s Branch thing a couple of years ago. Nasty group of people there.

  6. Damned at Random

    Back to the teabag theme, this is NSFW:

  7. It’s not broken is it? Can you drive okay & stuff like that?

    • It’s not broken. I think I just sprained it. I didn’t tell you before because you had other more important things to worry about. I didn’t do any errands on Sunday because I didn’t think I could drive the stick. It’s getting better, but I’m still doing the RICE stuff. (Rest, ice, compress, elevate)

  8. Damned at Random

    Sorry, but Stormfront isn’t being shut down- some of their more paranoid members thought they would be. The whole psycho thread has been deleted now – it was too crazy for the Stormfront moderators- if you can imagine such a thing- wish I had a screen shot.

    Sorry about your arm – guess you can’t take pictures either, huh? Best heal before the babies open their little blue eyes or I will assume troll-like characteristics

    • crap. I see I misread your earlier comment. Too bad.

      They’ve just barely started opening their eyes. It’s like they have a bad case of the sleepies. Roberto will be here on Sat, so I will get him to take pics if I can’t before then.

      They are really funny. The Turkish Van is a fatty. One of the two “cow kitties” is a real crybaby, and the orange tabby just seems to squirm all over the place. On Tuesday evening he was at the bottom of the sleep pile and started to growl!

      Jessie is doing great. She’s a great mom. And she loves the yogurt.

  9. May have to pick you up one of those wrist braces on Saturday … I’ll be looking forward to my photo-shoot with the kittens …

  10. Damned at Random

    I assume you have experience determinng the sex of babies, but just in case, this is how. Turn the squirmer on its back and look at the urogenital openings. Little girls have an exclamation point !! and little boys have a colon ::

    Also, for reference, your van is a calico and all calicos and torties are female (the orange tabby gene is sex linked so males only get one and are wild tabby or orange tabby – torties are heterozygous and get one of each which they express as a mosaic). I could teach a pretty comprehensive genetics course on cat coat colors – fascinating subject if you are nerdy in that direction.

  11. So … the Van is a girl, the Orangey one is a boy and, at least for now, the cows are unknown?

  12. Damned at Random

    Orangey is probably a boy- it is only a girl if daddy was orange too so you really have to check the privates. And the cows babies are a real toss up.

    • HA! You assume wrongly! I have no idea about cat genetics or identifying the sex of kittens. (My genetic knowledge is limited to primates.)

      Soooo, I took a look this evening, and Van is a fat girl, Orange tabby is a little boy, and the ‘cow kitties’ are one each. I could be wrong about the last two, though, so R can confirm tomorrow.

      They are so cute all the way around. And Jessie is amazing. Her only drawback is that she still tries to cover her litterbox with th bedding, bringing the kittens dangerously close to the box and regularly messing up the bedding. Perhaps tomorrow we can switch out the crate with a nice box and have the litter outside of it.

  13. If I can remember I’ll try & check at work in the morning for some sturdy boxes … there’s usually empties strewn all over the place … oh, btw, I heard from Austin & the Big Blue Bunny was a huge hit with my Mom … YaY for spontaneous shopping impulses!!!

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