That’s Just Great

Now is the time to whine about drug laws?  Was there no point in the last 8 years to make this stand?

Oh, yes, let’s try to hang that libertarian crap on this president, not any of the last few.

Why should the libertarian pot heads have such an influence on national policy?


3 responses to “That’s Just Great

  1. Something else to dislike about the boomers is their use of “we” every time they mention the civil rights & antiwar marches … as I recall, there were always a hell of a lot of angry hard-hats & confederate-flag-waving folks lining the marches & a lot of them were baby boomers as well …. the truth is probably in the middle … for every marcher in the Movement, and for every brawler from the love-it-or-leave-it crowd, there were most likely a dozen or so who sat things out and didn’t stand for any of the things they take credit for now … Actually, I’m not sure I believe that but it’s Joe Klein, who manages to sound shifty when he says it’s raining outside … grumble grumble

  2. anotheranarchist

    Hey there. I found you from an incoming link at one of my blogs and wanted to add something to your comment. Libertarians have been hanging failed drug laws on presidents for ~ 30 years, not just on the current president. Fear is one of the reasons you’re hearing much more about it- especially marijuana policy reform- lately. People are seeing, through their wallets, the cost of fighting this phony war on drugs. (Too bad they couldn’t see it through incarceration numbers, children taken from their parents and lives otherwise damaged.) And, President Obama has admittedly used drugs, didn’t develop a problem (indeed, most users don’t), wasn’t caught and went on to be president of the U.S. Clearly that couldn’t have happened had he been busted as a young man experimenting.

    Nobody’s hanging anything but hope on Obama’s head- hope that he will use some common sense and compassion to do the right thing rather than the politically expedient. It is, after all, the sort of thing he promised while campaigning.

    Thank you though for talking about the issue at all. Much peace to you and yours.

  3. Actually, it may be the fact that the Obama administration is more open than any other that the pot question got so much play in his e-townhall.

    Right now I am watching a local show on legalization-decriminalization.

    I didn’t touch on the “war on drugs” fallout, because I was specifically referring to Klein’s piece.

    I know what that has turned into. I know that cops use laws to catch anyone they can, especially casual users.

    I don’t have a problem with potheads. I don’t have a problem with pushing for medical marajuana. (As a matter of fact, the guy defending the laws on the program I am watching is making an argument using examples that are much more common with alcohol, rather than drugs of any kind.)

    My point was that a Boomer, Joe Klein, has just now decided that he wants drugs to be decriminalized, now that a techically late boomer (but I would argue not a boomer, like myself) has come into office.

    If you can, show me another major media type arguing what Klein did in the past 30 years.

    Thanks for leaving a comment.

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