Finally, Some Kitten Pictures

This is the only one I could salvage from yesterday morning — their very first day:


On the new clean binkie while Jessie is scarfing down some plain yogurt.  I bought a huge tub of it, so I’m glad she likes it.


Mom quickly got back in the crate and settled in with her kittens:




She seemed calmer this morning and afternoon than Wednesday morning.  She felt ok about wondering out into the bedroom while the kittens were sleeping.  She’s also keeping them very clean.  I only changed the binkie because she was trying to put part of it in the litter box when I came in this afternoon.

The kittens all look healthy.  Even the little orange tabby seems to be able to get its fair share of dinner.

I’ll probably put up more pics on Saturday.


2 responses to “Finally, Some Kitten Pictures

  1. So good to see these … Jessie looks so so serious but I’m glad to hear she’s not quite so tired … it must have taken a lot out of her … the little critters are beginning to get some personality but I bet it’s a while before the 2 lookalikes start to lookadifferent, right?

  2. I think they are still one-brained, much like the puppies were last year. All they know is sleep and eat.

    I just went in and gave Jessie some yogurt. While she ate, I held them in my hands. Not so much squealing as last night.

    Handling them and petting her are my top priorities, beyond keeping them healthy and safe. They need to be adoptable, so they need to be tame.

    They are fun to watch, though 🙂

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