The Kittens are Here!!!!!

Some time during the night, sweet little Jessie had four kittens.  By the time I checked on her this morning, she had cleaned them all up and they were nursing.

Two are black and white, like Caroline and Junebug, one is an orange tabby and the fourth one is white whit a gray tail, black ears and a peach colored spot on the top of its head.  And they are tiny, of course.

When I started to change her bedding, I made the mistake of taking Jessie out of the crate first — she jumped right back in.  I took the kittens out and luckily switched the bedding out before she could jump back in with one kitten already in her mouth.

I’ll try to get a couple of the crappy pictures I took this morning up on this post this afternoon.

The main thing is mom and kittens look to be happy and healthy.  YaY!!


5 responses to “The Kittens are Here!!!!!

  1. Damned at Random

    Can’t wait for pictures. They sound darling, esp the little gray tailed peach one

    • My batteries died again, and I don’t have a picture editor at work — which is where I downloaded the pics just before the batteries died. I’ll try to take some in the morning and then post them tomorrow afternoon.

      They are still doing well. Jessie is a very good mom. She’s got a tremendous appetite, so I think I’m going to get her some kind of supplement tomorrow, just so she can keep up her weight and feel the kittens at the same time.

      The white one with the gray tail and peach spot on its head is called a Turkish Van. (I learn something new every day!)

  2. It’s going to be so much fun watching the little quartet evolve from the squirmywigglywormy mass it is right now, into 4 individual kittens … they are funny & heartwrenching at the same time, you know? The way they cling to each other & go in a sort of aimless mewing circle and then one or the other of them lets go & rolls a few inches away … Jessie’s got the eyes of a hawk, though, and she definitely knows they are Hers! It’s also a huge relief that the general feeling from the rest of the four-footed population is indifference (or, in Cisco’s case, mild interest, but nothing aggressive) … And Dora’s managed to keep her freak-out quota to a minimum, like a good girl … Still, I am so glad the KITTENS WAITED UNTIL MICHELLE GOT BACK HOME or I’d be joining Dora in major freak-out land!

    • Jessie has figured out that she can get out and stretch her legs while the kittens are sleeping. I have learned not to mess with the kittens while they are sleeping.

      I want to handle them so they will be tame like she is, but I have to make sure I do so when they are awake. They have gotten themselves together today — every time I have gone in there, they have been in a sleepy pile. Trust the kittens to sort themselves out. It even looks like Jessie has cleaned off the last bits of their placentas today.

      Lastly, had you woken up one morning while I was gone to see Jessie taking care of those kittens the way I did, you would have been relieved. She’s a very good mom.

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