Home, Sweet (?) Home

When my colleague was trying to drop me off this evening, someone decided at that very moment to park in front of my driveway and pick through the heavy trash my across-the-street neighbors had left in the ditch.  At my insistence that it was ok, he pulled into my next door neighbor’s drive way and let me off, which meant that Murphy and Tammy, who were in the front yard, just saw me lugging my crap up to the house via the sidewalk.

This they did not like.

They barked at me despite the “DO NOT BARK” box being out and on.

Oh, well.

R let me in the house and then I went to my bedroom door to see Dora.  When I opened it, she headed for the front door for a split second before turning around and turning into a wiggly little puppy girl at my feet.

After spending a few minutes with Dora and Caroline and R, I decided to put Dora back in my room and let Tam and Murph back in.

Holy shit.

Neither one of them wanted to come back in the house.  For those two pups, change is not good, until it is good.

It took a little bit of time and sitting on the front porch with them, but both Tam and Murph decided that the stink of Denver on me wasn’t so bad.

And so we are back to normal before bedtime — which is all screwed up for me at least.  Dora gets to sleep with me tonight — it’s more of a reward for her than some sort of non-reward for Tam and Murph.  This might be the chance for me to pull Dora back into the realm of the sane.  She needs this reward.  She needs to know that all of her hard work (resisting being crazy) has paid off for her.  I feel good about this.  I feel better about Dora than I have in a very long time.

Caroline is fine, as is Cisco.  When R was leaving, I got to see Junie and Braveheart.  I think sad gray and white boy was under my car, though I don’t know for sure.

I bought a small replica of the blue bear that peers into the Colorado Convention Center, wrapped up in lots of tissue, foam and bubble wrap.   Despite, or perhaps because of that effort, the right ear was chipped — just like Caroline’s ear is ‘chipped.’  Disappointment is fleeting, when you look at things in terms of your own.

My pictures from my outing are limited, first because I didn’t bother to buy a card and second because my batteries died, but my colleague has real video of the blizzard.  I hope he will share it, so I can put it up.  It’s pretty cool (except when he pointed his damn camera at me and I wag my finger at him like a damn teacher).

Denver is a cool city.  I wish I had had a little more time to explore it. 

More about that later.

6 responses to “Home, Sweet (?) Home

  1. It’s good to have you back home, that’s for sure. The babies were all really cool (although sweet Dora & sweet Murphy can be ‘taxing’ in their relentless dogginess – Tammy is, of course, a saint.) And a lot of the drama was probably exarcerbated by my own anxiety that everybody should be alive and uncrippled upon your return!

    • I was joking with a guy on the shuttle bus to the airport about how the three of them had waited until I was out of town to use all of their escape routes. You’ll be glad to know that I fixed the gate — after Murph got out again this morning. He was very funny. When he saw me in the yard, he came back over from across the street and scratched on the gate to get back in.

      But seriously, you did a really good job and I truly appreciate the great care you took of them and for the delicous dishes you cooked.

      Thank you!

  2. No problem! I’ll check in later … any updates on little ready-to-pop girl? If I hadn’t been hopping up to stare and hover at pups every 3 minutes I’d have been tempted to hang out with the “newby” for hours at a time!

  3. Thanks for the link (adorable!) . . . I hope Jessie takes care of the feeding once her kittens finally decide to grace us with their presence . . . .

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