Oh Well …

Larry the ceiling-fan guy was a no-show. The weather was lousy but since Larry didn’t bother to call either of the phone numbers he had, no 2nd-chance. Sorry, Larry! I stewed & fretted after the first hour went by but then I snapped out of it & tended to little Jessie(maybe)’s laundry needs. She’s a funny girl & lord knows how long it took her but she managed to pull an entire sheet off the top of her crate & inside … it must have taken her a good hour or so. Dora howled & shrieked during the thunder & I howled & shrieked back at her that everything was alright & that nothing was going to happen to her. T&M were pretty quiet but later, hard as it was, I had to scold Murphy cuz he wouldn’t leave Cisco alone. It wasn’t a bad scolding but those little eyes & those floppy ears! I felt like Attila the Hun.

I actually fell asleep during the last segment of the NewsHour & woke with a start! Where was I? Who was I? Caroline promptly reminded me that I was at HER house and I was there to take care of HER! Thanks, Carolina!

So today was sort of a lemon and though I didn’t exactly turn it into lemonade it was good to be safe & sound with all the babies.


2 responses to “Oh Well …

  1. I’m so sorry you had to miss work because of my inability to remember my own damn schedule 😦 I’ll make it up to you, I promise!

    I’m on a time limit here since I didn’t get a chance to use the free computer at the hotel. I’ll try to check in again later and hoepfully will have the time to read your latest post.

    Again, thanks for everything!

  2. Damned at Random

    Jessie maybe bored or she may be building a nest. Poor Dora – my late dog was afraid of loud noises too- 4th of July was an ordeal every year. Sounds like a lot of fun on the pet sitting front

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