Some Things Just Make Me Sad

When I watched Pres. Obama last night on 60 Minutes, I felt that twinge I always do when someone calls you on your one little mistake.    I must admit that I have done it myself but never with the president of the United States.

It’s the ‘gotcha’ form of arguing/debating.  Wait for one little slip and then pounce.

It makes me sad that even now, just a couple of months into his administration, people who make a great deal of money are pushing stories about our president, trying to stir up those of us who make less money than they do.

I’m distracted by a kitty girl that hasn’t had her kittens yet and my trip to Denver, but I’m sure there are people just trying to stay in their homes who appreciate the help of ACORN in negotiating their mortgages.

None of the wingnut sights I visit have anything to say about them.  They just beg for economic advice and get little in return.

It just makes me sad.


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