Pres. Obama on 60 Minutes Again

I don’t follow basketball, but evidently Pres. Obama does.  The baketball has screwed up my recording of both Obama and TAR, but  will prevail.

Some of what Obama has to say has been leaked out already, but I want to hear his voice when he smacks Cheney down.

Since I can multitask — I’ll blog here AND get the recording right, while making some nice chicken.

And that Lexis commercial was on again just now.  Has no one heard it who can say if I am right?  Anyone?  Maybe I should just google it.

No wonder Obama’s numbers have gone up (if you look at gallup).  He just is a regular person working hard.  He seems put upon at times, but he was forceful wrt Cheney.


2 responses to “Pres. Obama on 60 Minutes Again

  1. It’s still so early on in Pres. O’s presidency that I personally distrust the motives of most of his critics … they almost certainly didn’t vote for him & a lot of them, like Rush L., really do want to see him fail so they and their cronies can crowd back around the trough & screw the rest of us for a while longer … Whether it’s T. Geithner or Pres. Obama’s going on the Leno show, all the criticism just feels like a fox pushing on the fence, just looking for a weak link … there’s no real weakness yet that I’ve seen & it would be nice if some of the pundits who spent so much time in Nov/Dec “explaining’ to us how godawfully complicated everything was would calm down & remember their own words now that not everything has gotten solved in the first 60 days or whatever … they have the memories of gnats, apparently … oh, & I’m probably irritating folks at work (and at least one of my sisters) my referring to him as ‘President Obama’ without fail, even though I never did that with any of the others, even the ones I voted for … this one is special …

  2. In a weird way, I take heart in all of the opposition to him.

    It may finally show that they are not so representative as they think.

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