Card Games

From the local news, it appears that a bridge tournament is going on here in Houston.  I don’t know much about bridge, but it sounds like Spades or 42 with cards.

When I was a kid, my family played three games more than any others: 42, spades and demon.  I never got into 42, though my mother and my uncle were rumored to cheat because as a team, they always won.   i prefer regular Spanish dominoes.  I’ve played spades online for years, though not for status, just for fun.  Mostly I play suicide double nil, which is easily as difficult as bridge.  My family used to play the same game with two decks when we had enough players — that means you could go nil with an ace of spades if you thought you could do it.

The best card game I have ever played is demon.  It is group solitaire on steroids.  You have a demon pile — 13 cards.  Then you lay out 4 more cards face up across.  You then turn three cards at a time, play your cards out in the center of the table, aces first, and play off your four card red/black, all while everyone else in the gam is doing the same thing.  Everyone can play on everyone else’s ace starts and the goal is to get rid of your demon pile faster than anyone else.

While demon is a very fun game, I’m sure it’s never been such a draw or distraction as to bring the economy down.


2 responses to “Card Games

  1. Dominoes was big in my Dad’s family too (although I was too little or too slow to play or something) … my Dad & all his brothers were killer poker players as well (my Uncle Club actually made his living playing poker in Reno & places like that during the worst years of the Depression) … my Dad did teach me & my sisters how to play ‘whist’ (I think he’d been reading a lot of Anthony Trollope novels & thought it sounded fun … I don’t remember how to play but I do remember a good time being had by all … doubt I’ll ever be in a position where skill in that particular card game is required!

  2. Do you remember that game I learned in Latvia? I don’t though I wish I could.

    It was the perfect game — you try not to lose as opposed to trying to win.

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