So Far, So Good

I had looked at bark control devices at PetsMart again and again and had decided against getting one.   I tried to get Dora to calm down with an anxiety wrap and tried to get her to stop barking for a little while with a muzzle.  While the wrap worked for the hurricane, it didn’t solve the whole problem.

Today, I got a little sonic bark deterant, and it seems to have worked — in both directions.  It’s just a bit of plastic, shaped like a birdhouse, with a microphone and speaker.  It worked immediately.  Dora barked and then stopped.  She stayed out for a while and barked a few more times, but stopped each time.

The surprising thing is that she has been calmer.  Even now, she came over to me and instead of the agitated craziness of the past she looked for attention in a passive way.

This evening and night so far have been calmer and quieter than before.

Don’t get me wrong — Dora probably still wants to kill Tammy . . . but she might not be as motivated.  In other words, we keep the same plan, but it’s a lot quieter, and Dora may finally get some peace from her hyper self.  My hope is that Dora will be able to spend her granny days with Murphy, just like Tammy gets to enjoy Murphy now.

The true test will be when ‘neighbor’ fiddles outside with his trashcan,  when the kids on the block try to bait them, or when the homeless guys living under the bridge come around.

It made me think that I should get a “Beware of Dog” sign, just in case Dora’s lack of bark makes others think she won’t bite.


2 responses to “So Far, So Good

  1. Damned at Random

    ANy update on the tortie? Will the spay program take her?

    • I didn’t get a chance to call on Friday, and I didn’t see her except for late Saturday morning and then again this afternoon.

      I’ll try to grab a moment Monday to call and then try to grab her when I get home.

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