John McCain, Failed Presidential Candidate, Pettier than Ever (or would that be more petty or are both correct?)

(Sorry for the title, I just finished teaching comparatives to my intermediate grammar class, and I couldn’t help it.)

Having been on the nightly news for more than a year (and being a bitter person in general), John McCain has a problem with an Obama nominee FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR.

Why is that you ask?  Is it because this person advocates money be spent to research honey bees or bears?  Does McCain disagree with this nominee’s stance on a border fence?

Why?  Why has David Hayes, who wants to be deputy secretary of Interior, drawn the wrath of McCain?

Well, Mr. Hayes wrote this one thing one time and compared Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush.  And not in a very nice way.  No, it wasn’t in the way that the person who parks in the parking garage at work asserted — her bumper-sticker proclaimed (it’s gone now)  that all of her heroes are cowboys and pictured Reagan and W. Bush.

Wait.  It was.  Maybe that person in my parking garage had a vanity bumper sticker and she was a constituency of one.  Or maybe, just maybe, the Bush supporters  (and Bush himself, too) wanted him to be associated in that way with Reagan.

Nevermind that Reagan left office amid the lawlessness of Iran-Contra and Bush left the mess we have now.

No one anywhere can get a job in government if they compared W to Reagan ever — according to John S. McCain.

And where does McCain’s biggest supporter stand on this?  I don’t know.  She’s tilting at windmills.

What a baby.


2 responses to “John McCain, Failed Presidential Candidate, Pettier than Ever (or would that be more petty or are both correct?)

  1. Damned at Random

    I really never understood why Dubya was the only member of the family with that exaggerated Texas accent. Struk me as a poser from day one. And he bought a damn ranch so he could pretend to be Reagan clearing brush. So the comparison is more than valid on superficial and substantive levels.

    By the way- 20/20 has a story about illegals cutting holes in the border fence. Ugly and Ineffective- a proper monument to Duncan Hunter

  2. What’s wrong is that McCain objects to the marketing of W and then is trying to take it out on a Democratic president. He’s obviously still got some people from his campaign still feeding him ideas. It’s projection at it pettiest.

    I missed the 20/20 thing on tv. I’ll look it up on their website. I remember that research paper one of my students wrote — walls never work. They only increase the deaths.

    And I know this is anecdotal, but a friend of mine who is married to a native Mexican and travels there often, says that the border/drug war thing is over blown.

    It’s like we both know — the way to solve the immigration ‘problem’ is to enforce our existing laws against employers. The problem with the drug gangs is demand on our side of the border, and that crazy libertarian idea of decriminalizing pot.

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