I finally found my camera again

There are some new outside kittens.  One is this big, sad gray and white tom.


He’s slowly sort of making friends with my other two OKs.  He has a sad small cry.  I think I need to trap him and take him in to get fixed.  It might not stop him from fighting, but it would definitely stop this:


I tried to get a shot of her eyes — they are a beautiful green color — but she wouldn’t pose for me (silly kitty).  I’m pretty sure she’s pregnant, so that’s what’s going to be my early morning chore next Saturday.  She’s tame, so I might be able to find a home for her.

There’s another black and white kitty lurking around, too.  She looks like she’s got a home, though.   She wasn’t around when I was out there with the camera.

Here’s a good picture of Cisco.  I finally got his perch back under the window and he spent most of the weekend there. 


None of my pictures of fat Caroline came out very well.  She has held this chair down for most of the past three days.


And here’s crazy Dora with her crazy toenails on her poor little leg.  She really is a pretty pup — if only she didn’t want to kill Tammy.


Speaking of which . . . Tammy still hates the camera.


I took a bazillion pictures of Murphy.  Almost all of them were blurs.  Here’s one of his big head on it’s way up to bash the camera.  It is a truer reflextion of the color of his coat. 


The one I took inside makes his coat look silky, but very dark.  It includes shy Tammy butt.


Murphy loves Tammy.



4 responses to “I finally found my camera again

  1. Oh these are such good pictures … what a nice treat to open these up at work … I like all of ’em but the one of Murph-head is really funny … sort of a Murphy version of ‘i r serious cat’ …

  2. I was looking at gray and white tom today as he ate dinner. I think he might have that terrible mange that Macy had.

  3. Damned at Random

    It’s a good thing I’m so far away or I would be tempted to take the pregnant tortie – calicos and torties are my favorites. That could well cost me my marriage. We’re down to 7 inside and 2 outside kitties. When we first married he had 5 inside cats and I had 6 plus my dog -which combined was just too many. But it’s hard to resist babies.

    Murphy always looks so happy. And Tammy looks good, too. Hopefully she has some good time left.

  4. How I wish you could take her — I’m not sure what to do. Each day this week she looks bigger. I’m not sure the local spay/neuter place will operate on her, but I feel certain her kittens will get eaten if she has them out in the open. There’s more than one tom around. I’ll call the spay place tomorrow — if they say no, then I guess I’ll bring her in for now. I can keep her in the utility room.

    Murphy is a happy boy. Today he got to play in the cold rain, along with Tammy. Murph is a cool all-weather pup. And Tam is just cool 🙂

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