About that arrest warrant for Al Bashir

I read about this earlier in the week and The News Hour had something on it, but this piece by Peter Pham is the best analysis I have read about what it might mean.

It’s complicated, but my take away from the analysis is that while it might make things worse in the short term (and given how things are in the Sudan, that’s saying something), but in the long term, the southern portion of Sudan may find a way to break free of the oppression of Khartoum and then, in time, make a deal with China.

In the larger picture, this is good in many ways.  I can see how it might look bleak.  But a strong South Sudan, with a relationship with China, might just make the oil there pay for people who have paid the ultimate price.

If I were an entrepreneur, I would do what others have done in India and provide solar power to South Sudan and then let China pay to get and then burn that oil.


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