Top 5% Gets More Media Coverage; I just love Rahm

Petulant professionals stamp their feet and declare that if Obama is going to raise their taxes they just won’t work so much.  Journalist Emily Friedman of ABC takes their petty tantrums seriously, as if these two women are representative of the 5% who make over a quarter of a million dollars a year.  I don’t know, maybe they are.  But if that is so, they are a whiny lot.  The second woman in the piece goes on about how much she works for so long that it makes me think she is exaggerating just a tad.

And even though this will probably just last for a day or two in the blogosphere — It looks like Rahm called it yesterday on Face the Nation.  Limbaugh gave a long rambling error filled speech at the wingnut gathering on Saturday and then Michael Steele says some truthful, but not complimentary things about Limbaugh.  Limbaugh goes on a tyraid.  Steele apologizes to Limbaugh.  It’s like they were just following Rahm’s directions.

Who was it that said that Obama shouldn’t call out Limbaugh?  Oh yeah, Bill Bennett and Michael Berry.


2 responses to “Top 5% Gets More Media Coverage; I just love Rahm

  1. Boo hoo hoo! The funny thing to me is that if this attorney & so many many others who make that much money had a work ‘slow-down’ who would really notice? But if bus drivers or garbage collectors or janitors or teachers or any number of others in the under-$250,000.00 bracket slowed down EVERYBODY would notice and suffer for it. Besides which, the really hard workers out there usually don’t have time to bitch and moan about how hard they’re working because …. duh, they’re working.

    I love how Limbaugh cannot resist launching himself towards anything shiny being dangled before his porcine eyes (especially when it’s got his name on it) … he’s like some swinish character out of Aesop’s fables. I’m enjoying the RNC’s parade of dunces and idiots immensely!

  2. But did you watch Letterman last night? I had thought something similar when I saw parts of the video of Limbaugh — he had his shirt open and was swaggering so much that it made me think of the undercover video of Westerners in third world brothels. EEEWWWW and disgusting. And you know that Limbaugh won’t call Letterman out.

    And it looks like the article I linked to got a lot more attention today — pointing out that the two women were cutting off their noses to spite their faces (no surprise) and in need of tax advice, since every notion they expressed was wrong. But hey, let them slack off. Like you said. No one will notice.

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