Another Sunday Night Winds to an End

Tomorrow is the first step in a new term.  I can only hope to have classes that approach the ones I had last term.  It was a joy to teach them and interact with them.  There is some worry that our attendance might drop because of the worldwide financial problems, but I think we won’t see it for a while, if at all. 

I’m not worried like many are.  I guess it’s one of the balances that exist.  I don’t make all that much money, but I can always find work.  I’ll never be rich, but I’ll never have to worry about getting a job.  If things get really bad, I can always go to China, I guess!

Earlier today, I watched Karl Rove on This Week.  It was funny.   I felt sorry for George Will, having such a lame partner on the “right” side of the conversation.  Katrina VH was mature and perservered, despite Rove’s spitting at her.  It made me proud.  I might even subscribe to The Nation after seeing how well she handled Rove.

It’s Jeorpady and night night for me — oh, and I must put up some more picks of Murphy.  He is a spoiled boy, but he is very good.  He’s such a sweetheart.


4 responses to “Another Sunday Night Winds to an End

  1. Yeah, it was a treat to see that gas-bag get punctured by both Katrina & Stanley (both of whom have bested far worthier opponents) … it is a pain to see him though (like Newt) … are there absolutely NO wingnuts other than this sorry herd of has-beens? Anyway, Katrina just sidestepped all his attempts to entangle her and rolled right over his doughboy nothingness …
    btw, Murphy seems to be as happy and constant a dancer as Gretchen-girl …

  2. I wish I could mock Rove in written form. He just rattled off his little talking points. I’m guessing that’s how he thinks he can win arguments.

    wrt Murph — I really need to walk him more and find a place where he can run. It’s amazing how fast he can go even in the tiny front yard.

  3. Damned at Random

    Thanks for the update on Murphy. How’s Tammy doing?

    I decided to read Innocents Abroad- I’ve read a lot of Twain over the years, but never this one. I’m looking at the places he visited on Google Earth to see if they look anything like his descriptions after 140 or so years and 2 world wars. Kind of a nerdy amusement while I wait for the last frost and the beginning of gardening season.

  4. Tammy is happy as ever. Sometimes in the evening she seems a little tired. She likes staying in my room, and sometimes she doesn’t want to go back outside after Dora has had her time.

    There’s nothing left to do for Tammy but just love her and make her happy. All of the medical treatment possibilities that we were willing to take have run their course and the tumor is still there. The last chemo seems to have retarded its growth — it looks like its not getting any bigger. But we will need to take her in to know for sure.

    For right now, we are in the “let Tammy just be Tammy” mode and that’s ok by me and Murph and Tam.

    I think it’s really cool to take a book like Innocants Abroad and use google earth.

    I’ve used it to look at where my students are from (as well as look at my house and my old truck parked on the top floor of the garage at work). There is something crazy cool about it — better than tourist photos.

    If you’d like, send me pics of your garden, step by step. I think it would be an interesting series to document.

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